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Tableau Mobile <strong>software</strong> now available for android users

Tableau Mobile software now available for android users

03 Jun 2016

New Delhi: US-based software company Tableau launched Tableau Mobile software for android phones in India.

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New <strong>software</strong> to eliminate endless retakes

New software to eliminate endless retakes

12 Dec 2015

New York: Actors and directors rejoice! A new software developed by Disney Research will do away with the need to retake shots endlessly until the director gets the right emotions in the scene.

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Motorola focused on <strong>software</strong>, customer experience

Motorola focused on software, customer experience

15 Sep 2015

New Delhi: American mobile device and technology company Motorola Mobility on Monday said it was more focused on leading innovation via software in order to enhance consumer experience on their devices.

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Volvo recalls 59,000 cars over faulty <strong>software</strong>

Volvo recalls 59,000 cars over faulty software

22 Feb 2016

Stockholm: Volvo Cars is recalling 59,000 cars in 40 markets because of faulty software that can briefly shut down the engine and electric system while driving.

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Three Dimension <strong>Software</strong> Giant Dassault Appoints New MD For Operations in India

Three Dimension Software Giant Dassault Appoints New MD For Operations in India

12 Aug 2016

New India: France-based 3D software provider Dassault Systmes on Thursday appointed Samson Khaou as Managing Director of its India operations.

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<strong>Software</strong> to hold alerts when busy

Software to hold alerts when busy

12 Aug 2015

New York: A New York based start-up called Triggerhood has built software that can decide when it is a good time to send you a cell phone notification. Research has shown that untimely notifications can pull our attention away from the task at hand, such as driving.

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Blackstone to invest USD 170 million in IBS <strong>Software</strong>

Blackstone to invest USD 170 million in IBS Software

17 Dec 2015

Bengaluru: Travel, transportation and logistics technology company IBS Software today said that it will receive USD 170 million (about Rs 1,132 crore) private equity investment from funds managed by Blackstone in exchange for a minority stake.

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New <strong>software</strong> analysis words, gestures to detect lies

New software analysis words, gestures to detect lies

11 Dec 2015

Washington: Researchers are developing a unique lie-detecting software that considers both the speaker's words and gestures, and unlike a polygraph, does not need to touch the subject in order to work.

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New bugs uncovered in encryption <strong>software</strong>

New bugs uncovered in encryption software

20 Mar 2015

BOSTON/FRANKFURT: New bugs in the widely used encryption software known as OpenSSL were disclosed on Thursday, though experts say do not pose a serious threat like the "Heartbleed" vulnerability in the same technology that surfaced a year ago.

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<strong>Software</strong> that prevents cyber attacks

Software that prevents cyber attacks

19 Aug 2014

London: To prevent cyber attack software from capturing vulnerable servers, scientists have developed free defense software that can inhibit the identification of systems by such programmes.

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