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Tips for <strong>sound</strong> <strong>sleep</strong>!

Tips for sound sleep!

17 May 2016

New Delhi: We all know that a sound sleep of six to eight hours is essential to keep one healthy and refreshed. But, there are some people who do not get their required quota of sleep, or suffer from lack of sleep. This can be due to many reasons, such as insomnia, certain medications, alcohol, jet lag, sleep apnea, or shift based work.

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Alert! Snoring kids may score low grades at school

Alert! Snoring kids may score low grades at school

17 May 2016

New York: Is your child performing poorly at school? If yes, please check if he or she is sleeping well because researchers have found that snoring can adversely affect children's thinking abilities.

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Choose the right mattress for <strong>sound</strong> <strong>sleep</strong>

Choose the right mattress for sound sleep

08 Jan 2015

New Delhi: A sound sleeping pattern can contribute to your health and wellbeing. So, it's essential to choose a mattress that helps you sleep well, according to your needs and daily work schedules.

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<strong>Sleep</strong> on your left side and reap amazing health benefits

Sleep on your left side and reap amazing health benefits

20 May 2016

New Delhi: A sound sleep of six to eight hours is essential for mental and physical well being. But this is not the only factor contributing to good health. Your ‘Sleeping Position’ also plays a pivotal role in contributing to your overall health. The side of the body on which we sleep (left, right, back or stomach) needs to be kept in mind as it has both negative and positive impacts on the body.

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 Simple exercises can help control snoring

Simple exercises can help control snoring

11 May 2015

New York: If snoring is hampering your partner's sound sleep, simple mouth and tongue exercises can do wonders. Researchers have found that these exercises can reduce frequency of snoring by 36 percent and total power of snoring by 59 percent.

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How to create the perfect <strong>sleep</strong> environment

How to create the perfect sleep environment

25 Oct 2014

London: A good night's sleep is vital for your health and well being. From keeping away distractions from your bedroom to maintaining the right temperature, an expert gives some advice on how one can get a sound sleep.

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Rahman’s son wants him to have <strong>sound</strong> <strong>sleep</strong>

Rahman’s son wants him to have sound sleep

08 Feb 2014

Chennai: Double Oscar winning composer A R Rahman was floored by the love showered upon him by his son Ameen, who wanted him to stop recording and catch some sleep at 3 in the morning.

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Woollen pyjamas better for <strong>sound</strong> <strong>sleep</strong>: Study

Woollen pyjamas better for sound sleep: Study

17 Oct 2013

Melbourne: Woollen pyjamas work better for getting a sound, quicker and longer sleep, according to a new study. Mirim Shin of Sydney University said light woollen pyjamas worked better for a goodnight sleep regardless of bedding textile, according to a report in Australian Associated Press.

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<strong>Sleep</strong> well to learn well

Sleep well to learn well

07 Jun 2014

New York: You must have heard and read that sleep helps strengthen and consolidate memories. Now, researchers show how it works.

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Brain biomarker cue to soundness of <strong>sleep</strong>

Brain biomarker cue to soundness of sleep

01 Jan 2014

Paris: Swedish scientists today said they had found further evidence that sleep helps to promote the health of brain cells. The clues come in two so-called biomarkers -- tell-tales of biological activity -- found in the blood of sleep-deprived young men.

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