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Mohan Bhagwat bats for mother <strong>tongue</strong> as medium of learning

Mohan Bhagwat bats for mother tongue as medium of learning

25 Nov 2015

Raipur: Stating that the mother tongue is the best medium of instruction at the primary school level, RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat yesterday sought priority for native language over foreign language in initial education.

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Maradona doing well after <strong>surgery</strong>, says his doctor

Maradona doing well after surgery, says his doctor

24 Nov 2015

Caracas: Former Argentine football superstar Diego Maradona has lost over five kilos and his progress has been "satisfactory", said Colombian surgeon Carlos Felipe Chaux, who operated on the athlete on November 14 in Maracaibo to adjust a previous gastric bypass operation.

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Sense of taste is hardwired in brain: Report

Sense of taste is hardwired in brain: Report

23 Nov 2015

New York: If you think that mouthwatering "umami" taste comes to you via your tongue which sends signals to the brain "telling" you what we have tasted, read on.

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  How weight-loss <strong>surgery</strong> reduce sugar craving

How weight-loss surgery reduce sugar craving

20 Nov 2015

New York: Weight loss surgery curbs sugar craving by acting on the brain's reward system, a new study has found. The researchers found that gastrointestinal bypass surgery is used to treat morbid obesity and diabetes, reduced sugar-seeking behavior in mice by reducing the release of a reward chemical called dopamine in the brain.

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 Robot performs first kidney <strong>surgery</strong> in China

Robot performs first kidney surgery in China

20 Nov 2015

Beijing: A surgical robot in China's Guangdong province successfully carried out a kidney surgery on a six-year-old boy, a media report said on Friday.

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   Touching 'Love Story' of eight-year-old <strong>cancer</strong> sufferer

Touching 'Love Story' of eight-year-old cancer sufferer

21 Nov 2015

New York: How would you react if you realised that your eight-year-old son is dating a girl?There is a US couple who is celebrating the love between their son and a seven-year-old girl for a touching reason: their son is suffering from last-stage cancer.

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AIIMS to develop cheaper <strong>cancer</strong> drugs with French foundation

AIIMS to develop cheaper cancer drugs with French foundation

19 Nov 2015

New Delhi: AIIMS in collaboration with France-based FAM-Medical Academy Foundation and the French Embassy in India have decided to develop cheaper cancer and cardiovascular drugs.

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 China's heaviest woman hopes to find love post <strong>surgery</strong>!

China's heaviest woman hopes to find love post surgery!

17 Nov 2015

Beijing: A 31-year-old believed to be China's heaviest woman is looking forward to finding love after a drastic surgery aimed at helping her lose weight, the media reported on Monday.

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Yoga may reduce side effects of prostate <strong>cancer</strong> treatment

Yoga may reduce side effects of prostate cancer treatment

17 Nov 2015

New York: Practicing yoga can improve quality of life of men with prostate cancer who are undergoing radiation therapy, says a new study led by an Indian-origin researcher.

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Diego Maradona undergoes gastric bypass, recovering well: Doctors

Diego Maradona undergoes gastric bypass, recovering well: Doctors

16 Nov 2015

Maracaibo: Argentine soccer great Diego Maradona underwent a gastric bypass in the western Venezuelan city of Maracaibo over the weekend and is recovering well, doctors said yesterday.

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