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In <strong>pics</strong>: Meet Nitish Kumar's Cabinet colleagues

In pics: Meet Nitish Kumar's Cabinet colleagues

20 Nov 2015

Patna: In a historic swearing-in ceremony at Gandhi Maidan here today, Grand Alliance leader Nitish Kumar took oath as Bihar Chief Miniter in presence of eminent leaders.

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In <strong>pics</strong>: 10 longest tunnels in the world

In pics: 10 longest tunnels in the world

03 Nov 2015

New Delhi: Modern engineering marvels have made our life easier, especially in terms of transportation. With this engineers across the globe have made many commendable tunnels that are worth travelling through.

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In <strong>pics</strong>: Largest dams ever made in India

In pics: Largest dams ever made in India

17 Nov 2015

New Delhi: Construction of dams is a big boost for a country's economic development. Soon after Independence in India, the idea of dams  conceptualised mainly for agricultural purposes. Later, multi-purpose dams which could help in electricity generation, irrigation and also water supply became a trend in the country.

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In <strong>pics</strong>: The big fat Indian wedding worth Rs 55 crores!

In pics: The big fat Indian wedding worth Rs 55 crores!

01 Dec 2015

New Delhi: The big fat Indian wedding just came true for a Kerala couple who spent Rs 55 crore on their wedding. NRI businessman Ravi Pillai spent a huge amount on his only daughter Aarthi's wedding and the grand ceremony was attended by many big names around the world.

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In <strong>pics</strong>: Meet iconic African personalities

In pics: Meet iconic African personalities

31 Oct 2015

New Delhi: The India-Africa Forum Summit has boosted the bilateral relation between both the countries. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said Africa and India will lead 21st century it the world. Africa has given many great personalities who have made great contribution in the world. The country had struggled hard to come out from the clutches of British colonial.

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In <strong>pics</strong>: Eight amazing private jets of Indian billionaires that will leave you stunned

In pics: Eight amazing private jets of Indian billionaires that will leave you stunned

30 Nov 2015

New Delhi: Richness can't be measured. Well not if you have your own private jets and yachts. In the recent years, many Indians have made a mark as the richest people on the earth which obviously include Ambanis, Birlas and Tatas.

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In <strong>pics</strong>: Buddhist temples at stunning locations

In pics: Buddhist temples at stunning locations

30 Oct 2015

New Delhi: During the golden period of Buddhism, many Buddhist temples had been built in far flung areas. These Buddhist temples have certain peculiar structural features such as pagoda, wat and stupa. Buddhist monks built monasteries which attract tourists.

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 In <strong>pics</strong>: Schools of Bollywood stars

In pics: Schools of Bollywood stars

14 Oct 2015

New Delhi: From big mansions to top notch luxurious cars, Bollywood lovers are well aware of every minute details of their beloved stars. But have you ever wondered from where did your stars got their education? Which schools they actually studied in to groom their personality? If not, then we bring to you the schools of Bollywood celebs from where they took education:

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In <strong>pics</strong>: World's biggest cruise ships

In pics: World's biggest cruise ships

29 Oct 2015

New Delhi: A luxury world under the blue sky floating beautifully on water is how cruise ships can be best defined. The size and luxury facilities in cruise ships make them a real paradise in the sea. Travelling on cruise ships certainly gives an individual lifetime memorable moments. Here, we bring some of the world's biggest cruise ships for  people who love sea.

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In <strong>pics</strong>: Breathtaking railway routes in India

In pics: Breathtaking railway routes in India

28 Oct 2015

New Delhi: Travelling in a train is definitely an adventure as it offers the best picturesque scenes that double your excitement and leave your experience surreal.

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