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<strong>Student</strong> commits suicide in Hyderabad after being 'ragged' by senior

Student commits suicide in Hyderabad after being 'ragged' by senior

21 Nov 2015

Hyderabad: A 19-year-old student, who was studying in an engineering college in Chennai and came home on Diwali, hanged himself at his house in Nizampet area here alleging 'ragging' by one of his seniors in the institution, police said yesterday.

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 <strong>Student</strong> steals bus to get to exam in South Africa

Student steals bus to get to exam in South Africa

12 Nov 2015

Johannesburg: South African media say a high school student stole a bus in a desperate effort to get to his final year mathematics exams.

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PM Narendra Modi raises <strong>student</strong> visa issue with David Cameron

PM Narendra Modi raises student visa issue with David Cameron

13 Nov 2015

London: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has expressed concern over a sharp decline in the number of Indian students coming to study in the UK and problems faced by them while applying for visas during his talks with British counterpart David Cameron.

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Dance <strong>teacher</strong> <strong>sodomises</strong> Class 10 <strong>student</strong>, shoots MMS

Dance teacher sodomises Class 10 student, shoots MMS

08 May 2012

In a shocking incident, a dance teacher allegedly sodomised a Class 10 student for three months and prepared an MMS of the act here.

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IIT-M <strong>student</strong> found hanging in hostel room

IIT-M student found hanging in hostel room

19 Oct 2015

Chennai: In the second such incident since last month, a 22-year old student of IIT-Madras allegedly committed suicide in his hostel room here today, police said. The body of Rahul Prasad, a final year B Tech student hailing from Kerala, was found hanging from a ceiling fan, they said.

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White House welcomes teen falsely accused of making a bomb

White House welcomes teen falsely accused of making a bomb

20 Oct 2015

Washington: The Muslim teenager who was detained when his teacher mistook his homemade clock for a bomb has visited the White House, after a receiving a very public invite from President Barack Obama.

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My kids are my <strong>teacher</strong>: Shah Rukh Khan

My kids are my teacher: Shah Rukh Khan

06 Sep 2015

Mumbai: Superstar Shah Rukh Khan says his children are his teachers as he learns everything from patience to new trends from them.

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FTII <strong>student</strong> on hunger strike hospitalised

FTII student on hunger strike hospitalised

12 Sep 2015

Pune: One of the three students of prestigious Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), who were on an indefinite hunger strike in Pune, was admitted to hospital when his condition worsened after hours of hunger strike.

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Unable to pay school fees, teenage <strong>student</strong> commits suicide

Unable to pay school fees, teenage student commits suicide

02 Oct 2015

Karimnagar: A 15-year-old boy here allegedly committed suicide after he felt 'humiliated' for not being able to pay his school fee, police said today.

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WiFi in university by year-end: AAP <strong>student</strong> wing

WiFi in university by year-end: AAP student wing

04 Sep 2015

New Delhi: The Delhi government has promised to provide WiFi facilities in university areas by the end of the year, the ruling AAP's student wing said today.

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