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Make-up <strong>tips</strong> for dusky women

Make-up tips for dusky women

09 Jan 2014

New Delhi: Finding the right make-up leaves many women with dusky complexion frustrated. Worry not. Expert says that from dual tone to catty make-up, there are looks aplenty they can play with.

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<strong>Tips</strong> to free hair from dandruff

Tips to free hair from dandruff

05 Jan 2014

New York: The stubborn white flakes on hair cause embarrassment without fail.

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<strong>Tips</strong> to conceal facial flaws with brush strokes

Tips to conceal facial flaws with brush strokes

20 Jan 2014

New Delhi: Many women complain of double chin or thick nose or broad forehead. With a little help from make-up, now you can cover up these unwanted features artistically.

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<strong>Tips</strong> to look pleasantly patriotic on Republic Day

Tips to look pleasantly patriotic on Republic Day

20 Jan 2014

New Delhi: Inspired by the Indian flag, women like to wear clothes and make-up in colours like green, white and saffron on the Republic Day, January 26. While the choice of the colours is perfect, it’s how much you use these to create the patriotic look that should be laid emphasis on.

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Apps that can give you fashion <strong>tips</strong> on the move

Apps that can give you fashion tips on the move

13 Jan 2014

New Delhi: Have you ever found yourself digging through your closet, desperately looking for something to wear? Does it seem like your wardrobe needs an upgrade? It's time for you to try a few mobile applications that can make your life easy.

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Follow Cameron Diaz's healthy <strong>tips</strong> to stay fit

Follow Cameron Diaz's healthy tips to stay fit

13 Jan 2014

Los Angeles: Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz keeps her diet real and doesn't believe in quick fixes. You can learn more about staying fit by flipping through pages of her book "The Body Book: The Law of Hunger, the Science of Strength, and Other Ways to Love Your Amazing Body".

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<strong>Tips</strong> to make your clothes versatile

Tips to make your clothes versatile

24 Dec 2013

Los Angeles: From strappy heels to blazers, you can now take any fashion item from day to night.

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<strong>Tips</strong> to get beautiful nails

Tips to get beautiful nails

06 Dec 2013

New Delhi: Keep your nails healthy by focusing on cleanliness. Try olive oil, milk cream and acetone-free nail polish removers for clean and healthy nails.

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Facing dry eye syndrome? <strong>Tips</strong> to cure it

Facing dry eye syndrome? Tips to cure it

10 Jan 2014

New Delhi: According to the American Association of Ophthalmology, approximately 3.2 million women and 1.7 million men over the age of 50 suffer from chronic dry eyes. So, it's time to react. Experts suggest that use of lubricating ointment and fish oil supplements can help in curing the condition.

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Moroccan teenagers arrested for <strong>kissing</strong> on Facebook

Moroccan teenagers arrested for kissing on Facebook

05 Oct 2013

Rabat (Morocco): Moroccan police have arrested a teenage boy and girl for posting a photo on Facebook of them kissing, with the incident provoking a slew of copycats, a rights organization has said.

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