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  Some useful hair <strong>tips</strong> for winter

Some useful hair tips for winter

30 Nov 2015

New Delhi: From frizzy hair to split-ends, winter can get harsh on your hair. Keep hot water away from it and opt for safe styling methods to let your hair stay healthy even when the temperature takes a dip.

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Deck Up For Raksha Bandhan With Right Cosmetics

Deck Up For Raksha Bandhan With Right Cosmetics

16 Aug 2016

Raksha Bandhan is one of the important Indian festivals where brothers and sisters celebrate the loving bond between them and like all such occasions, girls love to dress up and look their best.

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 Wardrobe <strong>tips</strong> for skinny girls

Wardrobe tips for skinny girls

15 Aug 2015

New Delhi: Swap leggings for jeans and change bodycon dresses to flowy dresses to give your slender body a frame, says an expert. Here are some styling tips to help skinny girls look fuller:

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 Footwear <strong>tips</strong> to rock the winter season

Footwear tips to rock the winter season

21 Nov 2015

New Delhi: One of the biggest fall-winter footwear trends is lace up boots or make a fancy feminine dress work for the daytime by pairing it with combat boots as it makes the look way more casual, says an expert.

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In your 30s? Glow like a teenager with these skin care <strong>tips</strong>

In your 30s? Glow like a teenager with these skin care tips

16 Jun 2016

New Delhi: The early 30s is the time when our skin and body go through myriad changes. Faint finer lines and wrinkles start to show on our faces, which make us feel uneasy and uncomfortable.

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Here are some astrology <strong>tips</strong> to follow before getting married

Here are some astrology tips to follow before getting married

15 Jun 2016

New Delhi: Compatibility between partners is a very significant point to consider before taking the plunge into marriage. To avoid broken marriages, check the zodiac signs and choose the right astrology advisors, says an expert.

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<strong>Tips</strong> to protect feet this monsoon

Tips to protect feet this monsoon

06 Aug 2015

New Delhi: Our feet not only compliment the personality but also take us everywhere we wish to go.  Along with the funky nail polishes and trendy shoes, it's a good idea to pamper our feet well and provide it with the comfort.

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Now, you can lose weight much faster with these painless <strong>tips</strong>

Now, you can lose weight much faster with these painless tips

13 Jun 2016

New Delhi: If your goal is to lose weight in just few days then forget the concept of dieting and tiresome workouts.

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  Jewellery <strong>tips</strong> for destination wedding

Jewellery tips for destination wedding

31 Jul 2015

New Delhi: Once the venue is selected, it's the look for the wedding day that people think about. For destination wedding, one may debate that carrying real jewellery might be a risky affair, but to look perfect on D-day the jewellery needs to be special too.

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Expert <strong>tips</strong> to get back your bridal glow

Expert tips to get back your bridal glow

24 Feb 2016

New Delhi: Long hours of festivities, erratic schedules, food binges and loads of heavy make-up - all this can take a toll on the bride's skin. From sticking to the right food, regular skincare and work-out, you can regain the bridal glow in no time, says an expert.

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