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 Useful <strong>tips</strong> to keep acne away

Useful tips to keep acne away

09 Jul 2015

New Delhi: Maintain hygiene, follow a beauty regime religiously and eat well to keep acne at bay. Here are few tips on how to combat acne during monsoon:

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Five easy <strong>tips</strong> to remove pimples from face

Five easy tips to remove pimples from face

23 Jul 2015

New Delhi: Looking attractive doesn't depend solely on good clothes. The attractive skin also plays a big role in it. We all want a fresh and clear skin with no sign of wrinkles or scars over it. Pimples are in fact one of the most stressful things to spot in morning. They are red, ugly and infectious. They prove nightmare for most of the people.

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Some useful <strong>tips</strong> to cure skin tanning

Some useful tips to cure skin tanning

22 Jul 2015

New Delhi: Getting a natural tan makes the skin look beautiful, but what to do when sun-exposed parts are way too darker compared to the covered areas? To give a glowing effect to tired skin, the trick lies in a milk mask along with strawberries and oral medication like anti-oxidants and vitamin C, experts suggest.

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<strong>Tips</strong> for protecting arms from sun rays

Tips for protecting arms from sun rays

21 Jul 2015

New Delhi: Wish to bare arms when the sun shines bright, but scared of putting your tanned arms on display? Save them by using sun protection products.

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Ways to choose perfect bridal wear

Ways to choose perfect bridal wear

21 Sep 2015

Mumbai: Every girl dreams of looking her best on her wedding day. So, it's only advisable that the attire must be chosen after much consideration.

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 Essential skin care <strong>tips</strong> for men

Essential skin care tips for men

24 Jun 2015

New Delhi: Like women, men's skin also requires proper nourishment and care to stay fresh. Skin care should be an important aspect of lifestyle, irrespective of age, but the technique should change as one grows old, says an expert.

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  Eat right every day to keep stress away

Eat right every day to keep stress away

19 Sep 2015

New Delhi: Munch on cashews, berries and chocolate to counter the ill-effects of an unhealthy lifestyle, says an expert. Here is a list of stress-busting food items:

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 Keep skin diseases away this monsoon

Keep skin diseases away this monsoon

17 Aug 2015

New Delhi: As the humidity level goes up during the Monsoon season, skin infections become common. Try to stay clean and use anti-fungal cosmetics to fight them, says an expert.

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Dravid's <strong>tips</strong> for Kohli: Take a cue from Viru's 201 at Galle

Dravid's tips for Kohli: Take a cue from Viru's 201 at Galle

03 Aug 2015

Chennai: India ‘A’ coach Rahul Dravid, who spent some quality time with Test captain Virat Kohli advised him to make Virender Sehwag's unbeaten 201 at Galle (in 2008) against a rampaging Ajantha Mendis as a reference frame for facing the Sri Lankan tweakers this time round.

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 <strong>Tips</strong> for overcoming bad habits

Tips for overcoming bad habits

18 May 2015

London: Changing your behaviour to break a bad habit can be challenging, but what if there was some help? Here are a few tips that will help you to overcome your bad habits:

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