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<strong>Tips</strong> to become a master in last-minute packing

Tips to become a master in last-minute packing

30 Aug 2014

Delhi: Travelling is the sense of freedom. Breaking free of the shackles of a daily grind and experiencing new surroundings and cultures is such a tonic for a soul. For many of us, travel is often synonymous with work. And meeting scheduled in a last minute can be a troublesome affair. However, last minute packing can be fun too.

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Follow these simple workout <strong>tips</strong> and get an envious body

Follow these simple workout tips and get an envious body

27 Aug 2014

Los Angeles: Achieving a perfect body a la celebrities is not difficult if one follows the right workout regime and eating habits, says fitness trainer Romana Braganza.

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Indian players must pick <strong>tips</strong> from overseas stars: Veldhoven

Indian players must pick tips from overseas stars: Veldhoven

04 Sep 2014

New Delhi: Bridging the gap between proven international stars and home players will be a challenge but Delhi Dynamos coach Harm van Veldhoven feels the presence of names like Alessandro Del Piero and Zico in ISL will gradually help in developing the national team and boost its rankings.

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<strong>Tips</strong> to purchase perfect bridal accessories for your D-day

Tips to purchase perfect bridal accessories for your D-day

03 Sep 2014

Delhi: The wedding season is just round the corner. Preparations are also in full swing. Every bride wants to look best at her wedding. Be it hair, makeup or dress, everything should be perfect. But one important part of the Indian bridal wear is accessory.

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On-screen <strong>kissing</strong> in movies is just a hype: Siddharth

On-screen kissing in movies is just a hype: Siddharth

14 Apr 2014

Mumbai: Newcomer Siddharth Malhotra feels kissing in movies has been given too much importance when it is not such a big deal.

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<strong>Tips</strong> for eating out on a diet

Tips for eating out on a diet

27 May 2014

London: Are you one of the calorie-conscious people who shun friends in favour of your figure? If you think socializing would ruin your diet, think again as it's all about making the right choices.

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How women can get the first date right

How women can get the first date right

28 Oct 2014

London: If you have only talked over the phone, looked at a profile picture or texted each other, he really doesn't know exactly how you look until you turn up on your first date. So the first important thing is to dress right for the first meeting.

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Give your home decor a spruce up with easy decorating <strong>tips</strong>

Give your home decor a spruce up with easy decorating tips

23 Aug 2014

New Delhi: Decorating home is not a big deal. You can turn your house into a paradise by spending few bucks and little bit of mind. All you need is to discover how creative can you be and then see how you does your house turns into an attractive and practical home for yourself and your family.

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Style <strong>tips</strong> for pregnant women

Style tips for pregnant women

19 May 2014

London: For a pregnant woman, dressing for a wedding could be a daunting task. To flatter the body and, more importantly, to feel comfortable, they should go for soft and flowing fabrics.

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<strong>Tips</strong> to jazz up your office wear

Tips to jazz up your office wear

09 Jul 2014

London: Everyone wants to look stylish and comfortable at the workplace. Soft flowing blouses, wide legged pants and draped jackets can help in achieving the desired look.

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