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 Footwear <strong>tips</strong> to rock the winter season

Footwear tips to rock the winter season

21 Nov 2015

New Delhi: One of the biggest fall-winter footwear trends is lace up boots or make a fancy feminine dress work for the daytime by pairing it with combat boots as it makes the look way more casual, says an expert.

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  Monsoon <strong>tips</strong> for healthy skin

Monsoon tips for healthy skin

30 Jun 2015

New Delhi: Use soap-free cleansers and avoid bleach and facials during monsoon for healthy skin, says an expert. Here are some tips to prevent your skin from diseases in monsoon.

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Few <strong>tips</strong> for Biology Class 12 CBSE exam

Few tips for Biology Class 12 CBSE exam

17 Mar 2016

New Delhi: One of the constituents of Science stream, Biology is regarded as the first step towards making a career in Medicine, Pharmacy, Geneticists, and Life-sciences. Here, we share a few points that will help you perform well in your Class 12 Biology exam scheduled for March 21, 2016.

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Did Not Give Any <strong>Tips</strong> To Ranbir: Sanjay Dutt On His Biopic

Did Not Give Any Tips To Ranbir: Sanjay Dutt On His Biopic

01 Aug 2016

Mumbai: Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor, who essays Sanjay Dutt's character in his biopic, has not got any inputs or training from the latter.

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Samsung Electronics <strong>Tips</strong> 'Solid' H2 Profits On Components Pickup

Samsung Electronics Tips 'Solid' H2 Profits On Components Pickup

28 Jul 2016

Seoul: South Korean tech giant Samsung Electronics Co Ltd said on Thursday it expects solid earnings to continue in the second half of 2016, with stronger components demand likely offsetting heightened margin pressures for smartphones.

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Here are the <strong>tips</strong> to protect skin, hair from UV rays on sunny days

Here are the tips to protect skin, hair from UV rays on sunny days

19 May 2016

New Delhi: Taking precaution is the best way to deal with the problems that harsh ultraviolet rays can cause to your skin and hair, says an expert.

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 <strong>Tips</strong> for overcoming bad habits

Tips for overcoming bad habits

18 May 2015

London: Changing your behaviour to break a bad habit can be challenging, but what if there was some help? Here are a few tips that will help you to overcome your bad habits:

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Expert <strong>tips</strong> to get back your bridal glow

Expert tips to get back your bridal glow

24 Feb 2016

New Delhi: Long hours of festivities, erratic schedules, food binges and loads of heavy make-up - all this can take a toll on the bride's skin. From sticking to the right food, regular skincare and work-out, you can regain the bridal glow in no time, says an expert.

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Five <strong>tips</strong> to improve your English Grammar

Five tips to improve your English Grammar

23 Feb 2016

New Delhi: Learning and writing English language are difficult task for many people. Though English grammar has some weird rules that you may not understand easily, writing and reading on a daily basis can help you get command over language. Here are some amazing and tested tips that will help improve your grammar in no time.

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<strong>Tips</strong> to wear your pencil skirt right

Tips to wear your pencil skirt right

23 Feb 2016

New Delhi: While other skirts may fall in and out of fashion, you can always rely on pencil skirts for creating a silhouette that is tasteful and timeless. One can pair it with an oversized T-shirt or with a striped blouse and a structured blazer to look stylish, says an expert.

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