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Football teams with <strong>too</strong> <strong>much</strong> talent <strong>may</strong> lose out!

Football teams with too much talent may lose out!

12 Jun 2014

London: Are you betting for the team with maximum top-notch stars this FIFA World Cup in Brazil? Read on.

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Obesity <strong>may</strong> cut <strong>lifespan</strong> by upto eight years

Obesity may cut lifespan by upto eight years

05 Dec 2014

Toronto: Being overweight and obesity have the potential to decrease life expectancy of individuals by upto eight years, says an alarming study, adding that being overweight could be as bad as cigarette smoking.

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<strong>Too</strong> <strong>much</strong> sugar during adolescence leads to eating disorder

Too much sugar during adolescence leads to eating disorder

21 Jan 2016

London: Over-consumption of sugar during adolescence may alter the brain's reward circuits - leading to substance abuse or eating disorders, warns a new study. The researchers found that this decrease in reward relates to reduced activity in one of the key hubs of the brain's reward circuitry, called the nucleus accumbens.

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 <strong>Too</strong> <strong>much</strong> internet can make you forgetful!

Too much internet can make you forgetful!

17 Aug 2015

London: Spending too much time online can cause you to forget things, daydream or face other 'cognitive failures', a new study has warned.

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World Cup <strong>television</strong> coverage breaks <strong>viewing</strong> records: FIFA

World Cup television coverage breaks viewing records: FIFA

21 Jun 2014

Japan's clash against Ivory Coast was one of the most viewed games of the 2014 World Cup so far as television coverage shattered a host of records during the first round of group matches, FIFA said on Friday.

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Smoking <strong>may</strong> hamper your job prospects <strong>too</strong>

Smoking may hamper your job prospects too

13 Apr 2016

New York: Young smokers please take note! Smokers face more problems in finding a job and when they do find a job, they earn considerably less than their non-smoker peers, says an interesting study.

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Key to Ashwin's success is not experimenting <strong>too</strong> <strong>much</strong>: Virat Kohli

Key to Ashwin's success is not experimenting too much: Virat Kohli

24 Nov 2015

Nagpur: Off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin's stupendous performances over the past year is a result of getting "back to basics without trying too much", feels his Test captain Virat Kohli.

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<strong>TV</strong> <strong>viewing</strong> turning your kids into couch potatoes

TV viewing turning your kids into couch potatoes

24 Apr 2014

London: Parents need to closely monitor the TV time of their kids as research has bolstered the link between TV habits and obesity in kids.

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Occasional fasting <strong>may</strong> help you live longer

Occasional fasting may help you live longer

01 Mar 2015

Washington: Intermittent fasting may actually help people live longer and healthier, says a study. Fasting in mice has been shown to extend lifespan and to improve age-related diseases.

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Sochi Winter Olympics to break digital <strong>viewing</strong> record

Sochi Winter Olympics to break digital viewing record

05 Feb 2014

New York: In a first, the Sochi Winter Olympics in Russia are set to break all records of digital viewership to become the 'fully mobile' Olympics.

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