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<strong>TVS</strong> rolls out high-end 200 CC bike in India

TVS rolls out high-end 200 CC bike in India

20 Jan 2016

Chennai: TVS Motors today launched its much anticipated Apache RTR 200 motorbike, with a starting price of Rs 88,990 ex-showroom Delhi, to improve its market share in the premium segment.

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Parents' age affects <strong>lifespan</strong> of offspring: Study

Parents' age affects lifespan of offspring: Study

18 Jan 2016

Washington: Older parents produce offspring who tend to have shorter lives due to changes in their DNA after birth, a new study has found.

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Why so <strong>much</strong> buzz on 'Smart City'?

Why so much buzz on 'Smart City'?

29 Jan 2016

New Delhi: Aiming to drive economic growth and improve the quality of life of people by enabling local development  harnessing technology as a means to create smart outcomes for citizens, Narendra Modi government conceptualised ambitious 'Smart City' project which targets to build 100 high-tech cities by 2022.

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'TT Maha League' to begin in Mumbai from 28th <strong>May</strong>

'TT Maha League' to begin in Mumbai from 28th May

06 Feb 2016

Shillong: Table tennis will be the latest to join the bandwagon of franchise league tournament and it will be named 'TT Maha League', the Federation secretary general Dhanraj Choudhary said here today.

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A dedicated GIF button on Twitter <strong>may</strong> soon be a reality

A dedicated GIF button on Twitter may soon be a reality

05 Feb 2016

New York: Micro blogging site Twitter is apparently testing a new button on its mobile app for posting GIFs – a bitmap image format that is widely used on the internet due to its wide support and portability, a media report said.

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Vacations <strong>may</strong> lead to weight gain: Study

Vacations may lead to weight gain: Study

05 Feb 2016

New York: Planning for a vacation? Be prepared for weight gain with a heavier midsection – extra weight that can hang around even six weeks post-vacation. According to a latest study, researchers found that adults going on a one-to-three-week vacation gained an average weight of nearly one pound during their trip.

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Internet <strong>TV</strong> <strong>may</strong> lead to more options, not <strong>viewing</strong> time

Internet TV may lead to more options, not viewing time

23 Oct 2015

New York: The option of watching television online may make the experience more pleasurable, but it will not influence the amount of time a person spends viewing TV, says a new study.

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Experiencing unreal cell phone vibrations? You <strong>may</strong> have 'ringxiety'

Experiencing unreal cell phone vibrations? You may have 'ringxiety'

06 Feb 2016

Washington: Do you hear your cell phone ringing or feel it vibrating even when there no call or message? You may have 'ringxiety' and be psychologically primed to detect such signals, a new study suggests.

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Battery technology <strong>may</strong> draw salt ions from seawater: Report

Battery technology may draw salt ions from seawater: Report

06 Feb 2016

Washington: The technology that charges batteries for electronic devices could provide fresh water from salty seas, a new study suggests. Electricity running through a salt water-filled battery draws the salt ions out of the water.

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Famous childhood <strong>television</strong> shows that we really miss!

Famous childhood television shows that we really miss!

16 Jan 2016

New Delhi: People love to watch television shows to spend leisure time. But, the television show comes to an end with the passage of time. We really miss the daily soaps telecast during our childhood days. Here's a list of some shows which were great source of entertainment.

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