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  Customised <strong>diabetes</strong> care effective for women, not men: Report

Customised diabetes care effective for women, not men: Report

28 Nov 2015

London: Personally tailored diabetes care reduces mortality - both all-cause and diabetes-related - in women but not men, a study has found.

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 Has Aamir Khan flown to US for <strong>treatment</strong> of his injury?

Has Aamir Khan flown to US for treatment of his injury?

28 Nov 2015

Mumbai: Aamir Khan took off for the US late Thursday night within hours of his arrival from New Delhi. The actor had been shooting in Haryana for his film, 'Dangal'.

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Cacao, green tea may treat complications from <strong>diabetes</strong>

Cacao, green tea may treat complications from diabetes

27 Nov 2015

Rio de Janeiro: Cacao and green tea contain substances that may help prevent and treat kidney complications and retinal lesions caused by diabetes, according to scientists at Brazil's Campinas State University.

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 Behavioural therapy can help overcome fear of dentist

Behavioural therapy can help overcome fear of dentist

27 Nov 2015

London: There is good news for those who dread visiting the dentist. Researchers have found that cognitive behavioural therapy could help people overcome the fear of visiting the dentist and enable them to receive dental treatment without the need to be sedated.

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 Soon, a pill to manage <strong>diabetes</strong>

Soon, a pill to manage diabetes

19 Nov 2015

New York: An insulin pill being developed by researchers led by an Indian American scientist at the University of California-Santa Barbara may in the near future give an easier blood sugar management option to diabetics.

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 Viagra can help people ward off <strong>diabetes</strong> risk: Study

Viagra can help people ward off diabetes risk: Study

19 Nov 2015

London: Viagra may help people at risk for diabetes by improving insulin sensitivity in them, a first-of-its-kind study has revealed. The erectile dysfunction drug sildenafil, sold as Viagra and other brand names, inhibits an enzyme resulting in relaxation of smooth muscle and increased blood flow.

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<strong>Diabetes</strong> drug may combat fatty liver disease

Diabetes drug may combat fatty liver disease

20 Nov 2015

London: A drug currently used in the treatment of Type II diabetes can also be effective in clearing fatty liver disease from some patients, a significant research has found.

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Shift workers at higher risk of <strong>diabetes</strong>, heart disease

Shift workers at higher risk of diabetes, heart disease

20 Nov 2015

New York: If you work in shifts, you are more prone to heart ailments and diabetes as compared to people who work in regular daytime shifts, says a new study.

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Obesity, <strong>diabetes</strong> increase bone fracture risk

Obesity, diabetes increase bone fracture risk

18 Nov 2015

New York: Development of obesity and Type-2 diabetes negatively affect bone structure, formation and strength over time, thereby increasing bone fracture risk, says a new study.

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'Smart' glasses for 'lazy eye' <strong>treatment</strong> in children

'Smart' glasses for 'lazy eye' treatment in children

16 Nov 2015

Washington: The revolutionary programmable electronic glasses can help improve vision in children just as well as the more traditional treatment using eye patches, a new study on 'lazy eye' disease has found.

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