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 Vaccine that offers <strong>treatment</strong> for Melanoma developed

Vaccine that offers treatment for Melanoma developed

17 Apr 2014

Melbourne: Australian scientists claim to have developed a new trial vaccine that offers the most promising treatment for Melanoma that has spread, with increased patient survival rates and improved ability to stop or reverse the cancer.

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Scientists find new way to observe 'good' brown fat

Scientists find new way to observe 'good' brown fat

18 Apr 2014

London: Scientists have for the first time used MRI scanning to confirm the presence of 'brown fat' in a living adult, an advance that paves way for new therapies to fight diabetes and obesity.

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Indian scientist develops potential non-insulin <strong>diabetes</strong> drug

Indian scientist develops potential non-insulin diabetes drug

02 Apr 2014

New York: A young Indian scientist has developed a potential non-insulin drug candidate for diabetic patients that can help eliminate the risk of low-blood glucose shock in case of an insulin overdose.

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Cocoa may help resist obesity, type-2 <strong>diabetes</strong>: Study

Cocoa may help resist obesity, type-2 diabetes: Study

03 Apr 2014

New Delhi: Researchers have reportedly discovered a specific ingredient in chocolate that may help in preventing obesity and type-2 diabetes.

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Stem cell <strong>treatment</strong> improves heart muscle function

Stem cell treatment improves heart muscle function

01 Apr 2014

Washington: In a heartening news for patients with severe ischemic heart disease and heart failure, a new human trial shows that stem cells, when injected directly into the heart muscle, are effective for failing hearts.

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This man cured <strong>diabetes</strong> with 12-minute workout!

This man cured diabetes with 12-minute workout!

27 Mar 2014

London: He is 67 and a pensioner but full of energy. Suffering from type 2 diabetes a while ago, this man now claims that he has cured himself of diabetes after doing two intense 12-minute workouts a week.

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Strong muscles in kids lower heart disease, <strong>diabetes</strong> risk: Study

Strong muscles in kids lower heart disease, diabetes risk: Study

31 Mar 2014

New York: Teenagers with stronger muscles have a lower risk of heart disease and diabetes later in life, says a study. Strong kids also have lower body mass index (BMI), lower percent body fat, smaller waist circumferences and higher fitness levels.

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New drug for controlling <strong>diabetes</strong> discovered

New drug for controlling diabetes discovered

21 Mar 2014

Washington: In a breakthrough, Indian-origin scientists have identified a potential new therapeutic target for controlling high blood sugar - a finding that could help millions suffering from type 2 diabetes worldwide.

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Address sleep disorders to prevent <strong>diabetes</strong>: Study

Address sleep disorders to prevent diabetes: Study

25 Mar 2014

Berlin: In a study published in The Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology journal, Scientists have linked disturbed sleep to the development of metabolic disorders, including type 2 diabetes.

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Researchers find link between pancreatic cancer and <strong>diabetes</strong>

Researchers find link between pancreatic cancer and diabetes

22 Mar 2014

Melbourne: Australian researchers have found that there is an association between pancreatic cancer and diabetes. Researchers from the University of Melbourne reviewed data from 1973 to 2013 to conclude there was a time-dependent link between being diagnosed with diabetes and pancreatic cancer.  

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