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Paracetamol no better than placebo for low back <strong>pain</strong>, study finds

Paracetamol no better than placebo for low back pain, study finds

24 Jul 2014

London: Paracetamol, a painkiller universally recommended to treat people with acute low back pain, does not speed recovery or reduce pain from the condition, according to the results of a large trial published on Thursday.

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Fingertips, forehead most sensitive to <strong>pain</strong>

Fingertips, forehead most sensitive to pain

08 Jun 2014

London: Our forehead and fingertips are the most sensitive to pain, according to a new study.

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India makes polio <strong>vaccination</strong> mandatory for seven countries

India makes polio vaccination mandatory for seven countries

04 Mar 2014

New Delhi: India has scaled up measures to prevent the polio virus, making it mandatory for all travellers from certain countries including Pakistan and Afghanistan to take the Oral Polio Vaccine (OPV).

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<strong>Vaccination</strong> key to combat cervical cancer

Vaccination key to combat cervical cancer

26 Dec 2013

New York: Cervical cancer is the second most common cancer in women and is responsible for nearly 10 percent of cancer deaths in women - particularly in developing countries.

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HPV <strong>vaccination</strong> doesn't initiate teen sex: Study

HPV vaccination doesn't initiate teen sex: Study

04 Feb 2014

New York: In ground-breaking research, scientists have discovered that Human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine does not lead teen girls or adult women to start having sex or to engage in unsafe sex.

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Now, a tool to predict financial <strong>pain</strong> from cancer

Now, a tool to predict financial pain from cancer

23 Jun 2014

New York: Along with distress that comes with cancer diagnosis and the discomfort of treatment, more patients now have to deal with ‘financial toxicity’, the expense, anxiety and loss of confidence confronting those who face large, unpredictable costs.

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Ebola zone countries isolated as airlines suspend flights

Ebola zone countries isolated as airlines suspend flights

28 Aug 2014

Freetown: Three nations at the centre of the West African Ebola outbreak were left increasingly isolated on Thursday as more airlines suspended flights to the crisis zone.

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Nigeria warns against complacency in Ebola fight

Nigeria warns against complacency in Ebola fight

28 Aug 2014

Abuja: Nigeria's health minister has warned against complacency in the country's fight against Ebola, despite only one patient remaining in hospital isolation with the virus.

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Eating grapes reduces knee <strong>pain</strong>

Eating grapes reduces knee pain

10 May 2014

New York: Are you suffering from knee pain? Adding grapes to your diet can help you lessen that excruciating knee pain.

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Sonia expresses 'great <strong>pain</strong>' over Munde's death

Sonia expresses 'great pain' over Munde's death

03 Jun 2014

New Delhi: Congress president Sonia Gandhi on Tuesday wrote to Pradhanya Munde, wife of Union Minister Gopinath Munde who died in a car accident, expressing "great pain" at his demise.

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