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Ear's own novel <strong>pain</strong> sensors warn of dangerously loud noise: Study

Ear's own novel pain sensors warn of dangerously loud noise: Study

19 Feb 2015

New Delhi:  Human hearing has a secret bodyguard. According to a new research by Northwestern Medicine scientists, a newly discovered connection from the cochlea to the brain warns of intense incoming noise that causes tissue damage and also hearing loss.

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Music eases kids' <strong>pain</strong> after surgery

Music eases kids' pain after surgery

09 Jan 2015

Washington: An Indian-origin scientist from Northwestern Medicine and his daughter have found that listening to just 30 minutes of songs can significantly reduce pain in kids after major surgery.

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Centre may initiate JE <strong>vaccination</strong> in Arunachal Pradesh

Centre may initiate JE vaccination in Arunachal Pradesh

13 Aug 2014

Itanagar: The Centre has assured Arunachal Pradesh that it will consider the request of the state government for vaccination against Japanese Encephalitis (JE) in all affected districts followed by routine immunization of children between 1-15 years of age.

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Serotonin can reduce sensitivity to <strong>pain</strong>

Serotonin can reduce sensitivity to pain

23 Aug 2014

Lisbon: Researchers at Portugal's Champalimaud Foundation said on Friday that the molecule of serotonin in the organism can diminish sensitivity to pain.

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<strong>Vaccination</strong> alerts now on mobile

Vaccination alerts now on mobile

13 Mar 2014

New Delhi: The Indian Academy of Paediatrics (IAP) on Thursday launched a new service which will alert parents about the immunisation schedule of their children through a text message on their mobile.

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Bird flu alert in UP: Import of poultry products banned

Bird flu alert in UP: Import of poultry products banned

22 Dec 2014

Lucknow: Following reports of a bird flu case in Chandigarh, Uttar Pradesh banned the import of chicken, eggs and all forms of poultry from other states, an official said on Monday.

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Cherry juice may help fight gout: Study

Cherry juice may help fight gout: Study

02 Oct 2014

London: Drinking cherry juice concentrate may help patients beat gout, according to new research. Tart cherries have long been researched for their association with pain relief, ranging from gout and arthritis joint pain to exercise-related muscle pain, researchers said.

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Venus to sell <strong>pain</strong> reliever 'Trois' in Singapore, eyes USD 10 million

Venus to sell pain reliever 'Trois' in Singapore, eyes USD 10 million

25 Sep 2014

Chandigarh: Pharma major Venus Remedies will start selling its pain reliever 'Trois' in the Singapore market and is expecting a revenue of USD 10 million in the next three years.

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Nadal to receive stem cell treatment for back <strong>pain</strong>

Nadal to receive stem cell treatment for back pain

11 Nov 2014

Barcelona: Rafael Nadal's doctor says the 14-time Grand Slam winner will receive stem cell treatment on his ailing back. Angel Ruiz-Cotorro said that "we are going to put cells in a joint in his spine" next week in Barcelona.

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  Al-Qaeda 'bursting with <strong>pain</strong>' over Pakistan school attack

Al-Qaeda 'bursting with pain' over Pakistan school attack

22 Dec 2014

Peshawar: Al-Qaeda's regional branch said its heart is "bursting with pain" over the Taliban's massacre at a Pakistan school and urged the militants to target only security forces.

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