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Centre may initiate JE <strong>vaccination</strong> in Arunachal Pradesh

Centre may initiate JE vaccination in Arunachal Pradesh

13 Aug 2014

Itanagar: The Centre has assured Arunachal Pradesh that it will consider the request of the state government for vaccination against Japanese Encephalitis (JE) in all affected districts followed by routine immunization of children between 1-15 years of age.

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 Being fashionable may cause back <strong>pain</strong>

Being fashionable may cause back pain

17 Apr 2015

New Delhi:  Wearing tight clothes or figure-hugging shape wear may lead to nerve compression in your back and also restrict your hip bone movement, putting pressure on your spine and leading to backache, says an expert.Suraj Bafna, spine consultant at Qi Spine Clinic, lists a few back pain culprits:

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 New device to allow for <strong>pain</strong>-free blood tests

New device to allow for pain-free blood tests

15 Apr 2015

Washington:  A new device the size of a pingpong ball can extract a small blood sample when held against the skin for two minutes, allowing for pain-free blood tests, researchers say.

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<strong>Pain</strong> relievers may kill pleasures in life

Pain relievers may kill pleasures in life

14 Apr 2015

Washington:  Think again before you pop a painkiller as researchers have found that along with pain, they can also reduce pleasure, something you may not want your drug to do.

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Children did not die due to <strong>vaccination</strong>: Mizoram health minister

Children did not die due to vaccination: Mizoram health minister

24 Nov 2014

Aizawl: While six infants died in Mizoram allegedly due to vaccination, no evidence have been found so far, state health minister Lal Thanzara said the state legislature on Monday.

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Serena hopes to manage <strong>pain</strong> while 'going for it' in Miami

Serena hopes to manage pain while 'going for it' in Miami

26 Mar 2015

Miami: Serena Williams practiced on Wednesday for the first time since a knee injury forced her to withdraw before her BNP Paribas Open semi-final last week but has not lowered her expectations for the Miami Open.

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Serotonin can reduce sensitivity to <strong>pain</strong>

Serotonin can reduce sensitivity to pain

23 Aug 2014

Lisbon: Researchers at Portugal's Champalimaud Foundation said on Friday that the molecule of serotonin in the organism can diminish sensitivity to pain.

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Meditation can reduce chronic neck <strong>pain</strong>

Meditation can reduce chronic neck pain

28 Feb 2015

Washington: Meditation might be an effective treatment for reducing chronic neck pain, according to a new research. Chronic neck pain can lead to serious comorbidities like depression. Patients with chronic neck pain frequently experience distress, researchers said.

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Genes behind back <strong>pain</strong> and depression link: Study

Genes behind back pain and depression link: Study

27 Feb 2015

Sydney: The commonly found association between low back pain and depression is actually due to certain genetic factors, suggests a large study of twins.

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 Shah Rukh Khan does 'garba' for 'Raees' despite <strong>pain</strong> in his knees

Shah Rukh Khan does 'garba' for 'Raees' despite pain in his knees

18 May 2015

Mumbai: Superstar Shah Rukh Khan was suffering from pain in his knees, but still chose to rehearse for a 'garba' dance sequence for Rahul Dholakia's 'Raees'.

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