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  NASA spacecraft finds blue skies, <strong>water</strong> ice on Pluto

NASA spacecraft finds blue skies, water ice on Pluto

09 Oct 2015

Washington: In a major finding, the first colour images of Pluto's atmospheric hazes beamed by NASA's New Horizons spacecraft show that the icy-dwarf planet has blue skies similar to Earth and frozen water on its surface.

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Irate fans hurl <strong>water</strong> bottles at Barabati Stadium

Irate fans hurl water bottles at Barabati Stadium

05 Oct 2015

Cuttack: Angry spectators hurled missiles, mainly water bottles, into the cricket ground after India were skittled out for 92 against South Africa in the second T20 International at the Barabati Stadium here today.

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2nd T20: Shameful crowd hurl <strong>water</strong> bottles in Cuttack

2nd T20: Shameful crowd hurl water bottles in Cuttack

06 Oct 2015

Cuttack: Shameful and unruly crowd behaviour marred the second Twenty20 International as angry spectators hurled water bottles onto the Barabati Stadium that saw South Africa outplay India by 6 wickets to clinch the three-match series.

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 Volkswagen says probe into <strong>pollution</strong> scam to take months

Volkswagen says probe into pollution scam to take months

02 Oct 2015

Frankfurt: Embattled auto giant Volkswagen said yesterday an investigation it has commissioned into its massive pollution cheating scandal would take several months, as Australia became the latest country to warn the company it could face huge fines.

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 Asteroids are Moon's main <strong>water</strong> supply: Study

Asteroids are Moon's main water supply: Study

02 Oct 2015

London: Water reserves found on the moon are the result of asteroids acting as "delivery vehicles" and not of falling comets as was previously thought, new research has found.

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1.2 million cars fitted with <strong>pollution</strong>-cheating software: Volkswagen Skoda

1.2 million cars fitted with pollution-cheating software: Volkswagen Skoda

29 Sep 2015

Prague: Skoda, the Czech car-maker within the Volkswagen group, said today that over a million cars were fitted with pollution cheating software to dupe emissions tests.

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Mars <strong>water</strong> find boosts quest for extra-terrestrial life

Mars water find boosts quest for extra-terrestrial life

30 Sep 2015

Washington: The search for extra-terrestrial life just got a big boost from NASA's stunning announcement that it now has its strongest evidence yet of liquid water on Mars.

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Krishna <strong>water</strong>: SC to hear plea of states on 15th October

Krishna water: SC to hear plea of states on 15th October

01 Oct 2015

New Delhi: The Supreme Court yesterday fixed for final hearing of plea by Telangana, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra relating to a row over distribution of Krishna river water among them on October 15.

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NASA confirms flowing <strong>water</strong> on Mars, life next?

NASA confirms flowing water on Mars, life next?

29 Sep 2015

Washington: You have one more reason to book your date with the much-awaited Matt Damon-starrer science-fiction film 'The Martian' this weekend.

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Volkswagen admits 11 million cars have <strong>pollution</strong> cheating device

Volkswagen admits 11 million cars have pollution cheating device

22 Sep 2015

Berlin: The crisis enveloping Volkswagen AG, the world's top-selling carmaker, escalated today as the company issued a profit warning following a stunning admission that some 11 million of its diesel vehicles worldwide were fitted with software at the centre of a US emissions scandal.

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