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<strong>We</strong> <strong>eat</strong> <strong>breakfast</strong> in just <strong>3</strong> minutes, reveals study

We eat breakfast in just 3 minutes, reveals study

19 Jan 2012

On an average, people spend just three minutes and 15 seconds on a weekday breakfast, and most of the time they eat it standing up as they are pressed for time, a new study has found.

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<strong>Eat</strong> <strong>breakfast</strong> like a king

Eat breakfast like a king

14 Jan 2015

New Delhi: All of us have heard the old saying that 'eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper'. This age-old popular maxim recommends consuming  the bulk of our calories during the day when we are the most active. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it literally means to break the fast. After fasting for more than eight hours in night, it becomes important to refuel your body with sufficient amount of energy.

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Here is why <strong>we</strong> over-<strong>eat</strong> in winters

Here is why we over-eat in winters

06 Jan 2016

London: Your New Year's resolution to lose weight is likely to fail, suggests a new study which found that people have evolved to have subconscious urges to over-eat, especially in winters.

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Instant oatmeal in <strong>breakfast</strong> manages hunger better

Instant oatmeal in breakfast manages hunger better

11 Jun 2014

New York: Love ready-to-eat oat cereal in breakfast but do not get that feeling of ‘fullness’? Switch to instant oatmeal.

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<strong>We</strong> Stare Straight Into The Eyes Of World War <strong>3</strong>, It Breathes On Our Necks

We Stare Straight Into The Eyes Of World War 3, It Breathes On Our Necks

13 Oct 2016

New Delhi: As things stand right now, i.e. the second week of October, the World War 3 is just round the corner as reported by several reputed international news sources.

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<strong>We</strong> are what <strong>we</strong> <strong>eat</strong>

We are what we eat

25 Jun 2012

I am not someone who usually goes shopping for vegetables or even other food stuff. My present professional requirements don’t allow me this luxury and nor do my professional hazards. But I remember when I was a kid I have often accompanied my mom or my aunt when they would go out shopping for vegetables, fruits and other food stuff.

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<strong>Eat</strong> eggs at <strong>breakfast</strong> to lose weight!

Eat eggs at breakfast to lose weight!

10 Dec 2011

Want to shed the flab? Go to work on an egg -- it's the best way to start the day, a new study has claimed. For decades, it was feared eggs caused high blood pressure and raised cholesterol

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<strong>Eat</strong> fibre for longer life after heart attack

Eat fibre for longer life after heart attack

30 Apr 2014

London: Survived a heart attack? Start taking cereal fibres as this would improve your chances of a longer, healthier life. According to a promising research, people who survive heart attacks have a greater chance of living longer if they increase their dietary intake of cereal fibre.

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<strong>We</strong> have to be smarter than the last <strong>3</strong> games: Harbhajan

We have to be smarter than the last 3 games: Harbhajan

21 Oct 2015

Chennai: Faced with a do-or-die situation against South Africa in tomorrow's fourth ODI, senior Indian off-spinner Harbhajan Singh today said his team's bowlers will have to be smarter than what they have been so far in the series.

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Quick <strong>breakfast</strong> ideas for lazy winter mornings!

Quick breakfast ideas for lazy winter mornings!

22 Jan 2016

New Delhi: Winters are here and so is the laziness! How often it happens that you don't feel like waking up early to cook a full fledged breakfast meal for yourself. In case you can relate to this situation, here we are at your service.

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