New Delhi: After the results of US elections the global focus is on the most important position of U.S. president's new team, the post of the Foreign Minister which is officially known as US Secretary of State.

In case, Hillary Clinton does not change her decision of not joining the new government, it will be the biggest challenge for re-elected Barrack Obama to find her replacement.

In the wake of new challenges growing in the Asia and the Middle East, it will not be easy for new US Secretary of State to operate in current situation.

It will be quite important for India to develop a good chemistry with new US Secretary of State amidst its interests in Afghanistan, Iran and Gulf region and due to ideological differences on so many issues.

Former Foreign Minister Natwar Singh says that the most pressing issue for the US President is the economy on the domestic front and after that it will be the foreign policy.

To maintain a cordial relationship with new leadership, withdrawal of its troops from Afghanistan, the challenge of damaged relationships with Pakistan and improving its credibility in the Islamic countries will be on top priorities of Obama administration, said Singh.

According to Natwar Singh, Washington cannot ignore New Delhi in present scenario. He also admits that Hillary Clinton is by far the most successful foreign minister of US.

India and U.S. differ over the ways of taking control over the Iran's nuclear ambitions and in this situation the things will be hugely dependent on the new US Secretary of State.

New Delhi will miss Hillary in new Obama administration, because she has expressed her warm welcome every time to India from the first lady to the State Department.

Meanwhile, the speculation is on for the name of Hillary’s successor, and the strongest contender at the moment is Massachusetts Senator and Chief of Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs John Kerry, who worked closely with Obama for his successful reelection bid.

Other possible contenders of the post are Obama’s national security aide, Thomas Dillon and U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice may also lead. It is also noted that Susan Rice had come to India two months ago.


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