London: Hair styling, treatments, pollution and stress can take a toll on your locks and make you look older. And with growing age, looking after your hair is as important as looking after those wrinkles. So ladies, don’t take hair care lightly.

Norris Ogario, founder and Creative Director of Ogario London salon, feels hair needs special care at every stage in life. "We might not realise or think about it much but our locks can take a bit of a lashing over the years, which is why whatever age you are, you need to look after it," Ogario said.

"Treatments, colours, excessive heat, over-styling, stress, pollutants and even our diet can have a part to play and can take its toll if we aren’t careful,” he added.

Ogario reveals the secret to healthy hair for different age groups.

- Thirty Plus

Thirty plus women are usually busy with career and family. If time is a luxury you can’t afford, go for a good quality haircut. Consult your hairdresser before getting your hair washed.

“When I talk to a client, I can tell a lot from their mannerisms about how they wear their hair. They might push it to one side, away from the face. You can’t spot this when the hair is wet. It’s important to understand the client so we can create a hairstyle that suits them and their lifestyle,” said Ogario.

- Forty Plus

Once women reach 40, they often think about getting their hair coloured to cover grey strands. They should go for the ones that are gentle on hair.

“For those, who are embarking on hair colour for the first time and who have a small amount of grey, I recommend a vegetable tint, a semi-permanent colour that rinses out over time. They give great, effective results and are much gentler on the hair.

"Use an intensive and nourishing hair mask once or twice a week as this will feed the hair helping it to repair and restore suppleness and strength,” he explained.

- Fifty Plus

Apart from grey hair, women in fifties usually start experiencing hair thinning. The ones with longer hair should frequently trim their hair.

“Longer hair can look very elegant. However, remember it is likely to be finer and thinner at this age which means less body and bounce so give it some regular trims. Shorter cuts help the strength of the hair, but make sure you have a consultation to work out the best shape for you. A fringe can often be flattering,” Ogario said.