The confirmation of the blast in Israeli Embassy car in highly secured area of Delhi as a terrorist attack raises question on the security arrangements. This terror attack is of more concern as it not only targeted the Israel Embassy but was also carried out in the vicinity of the official residence of the Prime Minister. The incident reminded the attack on American Embassy in Kolkata. However, the Delhi Police has not reached at any conclusive decision, but this is not a normal incident where a sticky substance is attached to a running car and as a result the car burns to ashes. Are the terrorists active in the country getting bold with the possession of modern technology up their sleeves? Even more serious concern is that are the terrorists in India getting linked with international terror networks?  This question is pertinent because on the same day a bomb was recovered from the car of Israeli Embassy in the Georgian capital town of Tbilisia. Israel has termed both incidents as terrorist act and has even raised suspicion that Iran backed Hizbollah group is behind both the attacks. Even if Israel’s accusations are partially correct, it is an alarm for the country. This signifies that terror groups active in India have links with terror groups in countries other than Pakistan and they are even capable of carrying out terror acts upon their insistence. The government may take any stance on the attack on Israeli Embassy’s car but this is for sure that their comprehensive security establishment has been breached. Terrorist attack near Prime Minister’s residence is a new proof of extreme boldness of the terrorists.   

There is no surprise in Israel’s claim that they have the capability to nail the accused in both Delhi and Tbilisi terror act and no one doubts their capability. Although the Indian government has assured Israel of action on the perpetrators, their record in counter terrorism measures is not very promising. The regular terror attacks in the country suggest that they have failed in arresting the boldness of terrorists and also in wiping out the terror network from the country. Lack of necessary counter terrorism institutions is a basic reason for their failure, simultaneously there is also a lack of political will in countering the menace in the country. The recent stand-off between Delhi and Mumbai police is an open secret. Everyone witnessed the lack of co-ordination between the country’s two premier organizations. While Maharashtra police claimed success after the arrest of an accused, Delhi police undermined the claim and declared the arrested accused as their informer. The Centre may claim their commitment in countering terrorism, but their claim becomes redundant when the Union Law Minister states that he showed pictures of terrorists killed in an encounter to his party president.