New Delhi: With the aviation sector being under a perpetual terror threat, aviation and security experts will hold a meeting here on Tuesday to analyse challenges faced by the industry and suggest corrective measures.

The huge growth in air travel has made every airport a potential terror target, with over 600 million people flying each year across the globe and millions of bags that go along with them.

A day-long conference, being organised by AviationWatch, would have experts from the aviation sector, security and related agencies discussing the potential threats.

Representatives of companies, which produce high-tech security equipment, technologies and software capable of securing the airports, would also be present.

Former Civil Aviation Secretary Ajay Prasad, former chief of Bureau of Civil Aviation Security S R Mehra, Airports Authority of India Chairman V P Agarwal and chiefs of security of Indian carriers would participate in the conference.

The conference would provide stakeholders the opportunity to explore various security equipment and technologies that enhance safety at airports without causing undue inconvenience to passengers, the organisers said.