New Delhi: In a sheer negligence and showing laxity by cops is becoming proactive despite terror threat, the police headquarters in the national capital has witnessed two incidents of security lapses in the last two weeks.

As the main offices and key points are on the terror radar that require police to be more alert and agile, but they seem to be not paying much heed to the proper security arrangements.

According to some school of thought, all top officers including the Police Commissioner sit at the headquarters and if they can’t guarantee security for their offices, how can they claim to provide security to Delhi?

The security arrangement at the police headquarters is extremely poor. Police personnel are deployed at the entry and exit points only for namesake.

The policemen check identity cards at the entry points and if one does not have it, they can tell the officer’s name they want to meet and can enter the premises.

There is no scanner at the main gate and neither cars nor bags are scanned. The back gate of the headquarters has one scanner where checking is done in a light manner.

If a person impersonating as a reporter manage to enter premises, anyone can easily carry explosives in bags or cameras.

It should be learnt that two cases of security lapses were reported recently which exposed the poor security at the headquarters.