Researchers have pointed out that women with high amounts of sedentary time - defined as sitting and resting, excluding sleeping - die early than those peers who lead an active life.

A team of researchers led by Rebecca Seguin, assistant professor of nutritional sciences in college of human ecology at Cornell University in New York, found that women with more than 11 hours of daily sedentary time faced a 12 percent increase in all - cause premature mortality compared with the most energetic group - those with four hours or less of inactivity.

Women with high amount of idle time also up their odds for death due to cardiovascular disease, coronary heart disease and cancer by 13, 27 and 21 percent, respectively, claimed the paper published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

The new research that studied 93,000 post-menopausal American women is now considered one of the largest and most ethnically diverse studies linking sedentary time and poor health outcomes among women.

Regular exercise, especially lifting weights and other muscular strength-building exercises along with everyday movement on top of working out is important for maintaining health, the paper said.

“If you’re in an office, get up and move around frequently,” Seguin said.

“If you’re retired and have more idle time, find ways to move around inside and outside the house. Get up between TV soaps, take breaks from computer and be conscious of prolonged sedentary time,” she added.


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