London: For some, the thrill of seduction lies in the chase rather than the conquest. The excitement of wanting and pursuing someone can give a sense of satisfaction in itself. For others, it's the knowledge that another person's attentions are focused on them is what gives that electric thrill. To say the least, seduction is an art, which requires both physical and mental finesse to generate the required result but then again, there are certain pointers that that this art calls for.

Eyes, eyes, baby

First, it's very important that you choose the right person to seduce. This is more a matter of instinct than anything else, but most of us at will attempt to make conversation, or at least some eye contact, with a potential partner whom we consider to be about as attractive as we feel we are. The eyes are the biggest give-away when it comes to seduction of either sex. "Making an eye contact is the most important thing in seduction. This would then lead to some kind of conversation. If he returns your gaze, and especially if he holds eye contact with you longer than you'd normally expect, then chances are he's quite interested," says Dr Pallavi, counsellor,

The best clue to get positive vibes from a potential partner can come from reading his body language. Look for small gestures ⠔ tone, voice, and expressions that can tell you a lot about what he feels for you.

Subtlety is the key

Once you've made it known that you are attracted to him, you'll need to let him know where the encounter is likely to be heading. People have very different ideas of what sex should be, so it's important that you both know that you're looking for the same things and headed in the same direction. The subtle approach is more likely to get you what you want. "The right approach towards that person is very important, apart from physical factors and the right dress," Pallavi adds.

Send right signal

Another thing to keep in mind is flirting, which is very important for seduction. It's a means of keeping the other person interested and aroused, as well as letting them know that they are unlikely to be rejected. Men, who are generally the pursuers, are highly dependent on your signals to reassure them that they are 'onto something' good. And ladies, playing hard-to-get isn't particularly attractive to men unless you're sending out enough signals to assure him that you are 'gettable' and that the chase will be worth it in the end.

Two people, who may have been attracted to each other visually, may not have the right chemistry to move along the road of seduction. Once you've talked a little about it, does he still seem interested? Look for signs of acceptance or rejection (remember rejection could depend on many things ⠔ perhaps you're just too much woman for him). If you pick up on any signs of rejection, don't waste your time on something that is very unlikely to happen, no matter how much you think you fancy him. The right man is out there just waiting to be seduced by you!

Finally, if everything goes fine as per your plans and the signals are good, it's time to make your move. One of you must surrender. In all probability it will be you, because even if you initiated the seduction, he will probably have taken over the role of pursuer somewhere along the line.


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