New Delhi: Holding that the revised draft order on NCTC suffers from several ‘serious flaws’ and ‘arbitrary’ provisions, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Wednesday asked the Centre to seek Parliament's nod through a wider debate for creating the federal anti-terror agency.

Kumar also demanded a change in the criteria for implementing Integrated Action Plan in Left Wing Extremist (LWE) affected districts by making it Panchyat-oriented.

Noting that he along with several other Chief Ministers last year had expressed serious apprehensions about the structure, powers and functions of the proposed NCTC, he said that the draft of the revised order on NCTC still suffers from serious flaws.

"Firstly what is the use of creating an operation division within NCTC and giving powers of conducting such operations, if such operations are to be conducted either through or in conjunction with state police,” Kumar said.

"This will create operational problems as it is not clear, which of the two organizations will have the leading role and control over such operations. Secondly, the draft report still retains the absolute and arbitrary provision regarding mandate to civil authorities within the states," he said.

Kumar said new NCTC has been proposed even though there is NIA to discharge similar functions. "The better option would be to strengthen and develop NIA than to create another organization,” he said.


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