"Modi-ji had said (during his 2014 general election campaign) that the entire black money stashed abroad came to Rs 15 lakh per person, but that does not mean that this amount will be deposited into each person's  account," Shah said.

"What he meant was that the seized black money would be spent on the welfare of the poor," he clarified.

Shah also took a dig at Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi for raising the issue. "What Rahul Gandhi is saying depends on his outlook. But I can say this much: How can Rs 15 lakh be transferred to each person's account from government treasury," he asked.

On the Dadri lynching incident, Shah hit out at the Uttar Pradesh government and  blamed the state police. "If the state police acts without religious discrimination, no such riots, no such incidents will take place in Uttar Pradesh. But if, in order to garner votes, the police takes unilateral action, then there is reaction in both communities and that's the reason why such incidents happen," the BJP president said.

Speaking about the ongoing Bihar assembly polls, Amit Shah admitted that the issue of development took a back seat when the issue of beef was raised in Bihar polls. He, however, blamed Rashtriya Janata Dal chief Lalu Prasad for raising the beef issue.

"Lalu-ji was the first to raise the issue of beef when he said there was no basic difference between beef and mutton. Naturally, the BJP will raise this issue, because it hurts the sentiments of large sections in the country”, Shah said.

"It was Lalu who raised this first because of vote-bank politics, and once you open up a dam, can you calculate how far the water will flow? Today, they are caught in that. They should have thought  about it while breaking a dam," the BJP leader said.


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