The chosen curtain should be no-flammable and easy to wash because the kitchen is a fire place and also the fact that the kitchen environment exposes the curtain to dirt more often compared to other curtains in the house. Following are a few tips for kitchen curtains that will help you in making the best selection.

: There are many kinds of fabric available for kitchen curtains from those made of heavy materials, to those made of lightweight fibers. You can also get a blend of synthetic and natural fabrics. The versatile natural fabric Cotton is used for the majority of curtains. Apart from pure cotton, you can also use a blend of cotton with nylon and other synthetic fabrics. If you want to make the kitchen bright, then you should opt for light and airy fabrics, such as cotton, for the curtains. Laced curtains are also good option, because they allow maximum amount of light to pass through them. Brocades and other heavier fabrics are usually not recommended as they obstruct air and light.

Colors: The color of the curtains should match with the color of the wall to give your kitchen an elegant look. Mixing patterns and color blocking will neutralize the color of your kitchen walls resulting in a glaring look. Balancing the curtain colors with the wall will results in an elegantly looking kitchen. Focus on your kitchen windows using a solid colored drape that contrasts with the walls. You may choose light colors to make the kitchen look bigger than it actually is or to maintain a cheerful ambience. However, the kitchen may be too bright during the day and you might want to opt for darker curtains.

Rods: Iron or aluminium rod is the perfect choice for your kitchen. As solid wood is a material very prone to changes in temperatures and humidity, it isn’t suitable for being a part of your kitchen curtains, as fumes and vapors can affect the woods to a greater extent. You can opt a simple roller window blind that can stay very well away from the hot pans or flames.



Length: Living rooms generally look good with long and flowing curtains, but such may not be the case for the kitchen window. The kitchen would benefit for a more relax and informal atmosphere that shorter curtains can provide.


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