The report examined the culture of selfies, including why people are interested in them, what purpose they serve and how people can use selfies to express themselves.

"We wanted to explore not only how selfies are used today, but how they may be used in the future," said a report. Marie Baker of Coyne was quoted saying, "People take selfies for the same reason they would take traditional photographs to capture memories".

There is a drastic difference between showing off a new haircut and then risking your life on the side of a mountain for the perfect shot. "Social media gives so many people a channel to express themselves for the good and the bad," Baker added.

Approximately 85 percent of survey responders said they post a selfie once a week on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram. The survey also found that 82 percent of responders take selfies because they want to show off something new, such as clothing or a hairstyle. Several students said they take selfies as a way to communicate with friends.

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