The Sena also launched a blistering attack on the BJP, blaming it for the end of their 25-year-old alliance just days ahead of the October 15 Assembly polls in Maharashtra.
"Modi says that he will not attack the Sena in his speeches as he has respect for Balasaheb Thackeray. We too respect the PM,”the Sena said in its editorial mouthpiece 'Saamana'.

"But when you back-stabbed us merely on the issue of seat sharing, where did that respect disappear then? Did you not think of Balasaheb before breaking the alliance forged on the principles of Hindutva," the editorial added.
The Prime Minister while campaigning at Tasgaon in Sangli district on Sunday had said that he would "not utter a single word" against the Sena out of his respect for Bal Thackeray.
"Political pundits are saying why is Modi not criticising Shiv Sena in his speeches (during poll campaign). This is the first election in absence of late Bal Thackeray, for whom I have great respect. I have decided not to utter a single word against Shiv Sena. This is my tribute to Balasaheb Thackeray," Modi had said.
Equating the BJP with the "corrupt" Congress and the NCP, the Sena said that people in Maharashtra have now realized who are the "real and hidden" thieves of the state.
"How do you define keeping an eye on the coffers of the state and making a deal of Mumbai (for the benefit of Gujarat)? Is this not looting Maharashtra ? And then talking about the blessings of Shivaji Maharaj is nothing but a farce," the Sena said in its editorial mouthpiece ‘Saamana’.
"Never before has anyone opened a market of Shivaji Maharaj's blessings," it added.
Pawar launched a counter attack on Modi after the Prime Minister targeted the NCP chief during poll rallies in Maharashtra.
"Somebody please tell him about my election record. I have fought 14 elections so far. Will I shirk from polls," Pawar said, addressing a rally at Ahmedpur in Marathwada region.
Modi had yesterday said that Pawar chose the Rajya Sabha route and did not contest Lok Sabha polls as he was aware that the "ship (UPA government) was sinking."
"I am lucky that the country's Prime Minister does not see any leader other than me," Pawar quipped, referring to Modi's diatribe against him.
"What does Modi say in these rallies? I can understand if he says something of national interest. One can also understand if he speaks about changing the life of the common man. But if you take his speech into consideration, the maximum attack is on Sharad Pawar," the NCP chief said.

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