The Shiv Sena has  attacked the BJP in its editorial and said, "They have lost the moral right to govern on Day 1.”

"The government has failed to prove their majority and must answer. Can those who crush the Constitution to win the vote of confidence win the people's trust?" questioned the Shiv Sena.  

"Through the scam of a voice-vote they may have proved their majority but it is not a majority,"  it added.

The Sena also said termed the BJP's claim of running a clean government as "false".

"The BJP had promised clean governance when they came to power. Forgetting all their promises made to the people, they (the BJP) have violated the constitutional provisions while seeking a trust vote. This has proved that all the claims of running a clean government were false," the mouthpiece cited.

It added that by violating the norms of the House and ignoring the traditions, they have "cheated" the people of the state, for which they will not be forgiven.

"Will people henceforth trust a party that has violated all the norms and strangulated the age-old traditions of the state only to win a trust vote? You have broken the trust of people who gave you the largest mandate for which you will never be forgiven," it said.

"If you were so confident of getting the majority, you could have ceded to the opposition parties demand of division of votes. You have to answer the people for running the government without winning the trust vote," it said.

The Sena said that though the BJP has succeeded in winning the motion amid the chaos prevalent inside the house, but the opposition parties will not accept this majority, unless proven constitutionally on the floor of the house.

As soon as speaker Haribhau Bagde declared the one line motion by BJP's Ashish Shelar seeking confidence as passed on the floor of the house, utter chaos broke out inside and outside the Assembly.

The Speaker suspended five Congress MLAs for two years, after accusing them of pushing and injuring Governor Rao.

Congress called the Speaker's ruling "a murder of democracy", while Sena termed the day as a "black day" for Maharashtra.

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