The CVC is being consulted at two stages in corruption cases or disciplinary proceedings. The first advice is obtained on the investigation reports and the second advice is obtained before a final decision is taken at the conclusion of the proceedings.
"In order to ensure proper appreciation of facts and examination of references, made by the ministries, departments or organizations for its advice, the Commission has been emphasizing on the need for sending complete details or records including providing a tabular statement of the case," it said in a directive.
It has been observed that the tabular statements are not being sent or filled up properly by the departments while referring cases for first or second stage advice, the CVC said.
The anti-corruption watchdog has also issued a format for sending corruption cases to it for seeking advice.

The Chief Vigilance Officers, who act as distant arm of CVC, of all ministries or departments would ensure that complete information and records are sent along with references being made to the Commission for its advice, the directive said.
The CVC has recently also relaxed a rule to do away with second stage consultation with it before imposing punishment on corrupt officials, in order to speed up probe in corruption cases, especially against senior officials in the PSUs and banks.

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