Passing the judgment, Justice Sudhir Agarwal also ruled that 'penal provisions' be laid down for those who violated the order. "For example, if a child is sent to a private school not maintained by the UP Board  an amount equivalent to that paid in the form of fees by the erring officials or elected representatives shall be deposited in state exchequer every month so long as such education in other kind of primary school is continued," it added.

"Besides, such person, if in service, should be made to suffer other benefits like increment, promotional avenues for a certain period, as the case may be", the court stated, adding this is only illustrative.

“The appropriate provisions can be made by government so as to ensure that ward(s)/child/children of persons, as detailed above, are compelled necessarily to receive primary education in the primary schools run by the Board," it added.

The order came on petition filed by Umesh Kumar Singh and others who had challenged the process of selection of Associate Teachers for government-run primary and junior high schools in UP for the years 2013 and 2015.

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