"I will not send American combat troops to Iraq or Syria. That is off the table. That would be a terrible mistake," Clinton said.

"The network of terrorist organisations - not just ISIS, but others who are part of this unfortunate network that stretches from North Africa to South Asia - pose serious threats to friends, allies, partners, as well as to ourselves," she said, using an acronym of the Islamic State.

In response to a query from the audience on overseas troop deployment, Clinton said she can't give a "blanket statement." "I know you can understand why there can't be from me anyway a blanket statement. But, I want to assure you I will be transparent, I will be open, and I will explain to the American people if any occasion arises where we do have totake military action to protect ourselves or our close friends and partners," Clinton said.

Michael, who is opposed to "the US being the world's policeman", asked if she can assure him that as a president she would not expand US military involvement abroad? Clinton said she believes military force must always be the last resort not a first choice.

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