"We want to create a citizen's voice and not play on any religious card. Corruption has no religion and mis-governance has no caste. Also, poverty and illiteracy have no religious colour," Aam Aadmi Party spokesperson Shazia Ilmi, who was in the UAE last week, was quoted as saying in the local media.
Ilmi was in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to attend the alumni functions of the Jamia Millia Islamia and the Aligarh Muslim University. She said her party has energised Indian expatriates around the world.
"The response has been fantastic. People's hearts and minds are with India and they want to help," she said, adding that in the UAE, the NRIs are willing to offer their time, expertise and funds to her party.
Ilmi said NRIs want to invest more in India but corruption bothers them. "NRIs are concerned about corruption, bad roads, cleanliness, the deteriorating security situation," she said. The year-old party, which came into power in Delhi, also plans to contest the Lok Sabha elections and many Indian expatriates expressed their desire to contest election on an AAP ticket.


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