"Of the total mobile phone users in India, only 6 percent are over 50 years of age. This difference is exacerbated for mobile data users, with only 1 percent being 50 years or older," according to a survey by Norway-based telecom major Telenor.
As per the findings, the senior segment in some of these markets represents as little as 2 percent of active mobile users, with still fewer using smartphones.
Telenor Group has released data from four of its Asian markets - India, Thailand, Bangladesh and Malaysia.
Telenor said as per the data, it is evident that elderly populations throughout Asian markets are less engaged with the Internet, particularly via mobile.

The survey also found that the top reasons consumers cited for not using mobile data are related to perceived utility and complexity of the services.
Of this demographic pattern, 29 percent said they have no reason to use the mobile Internet and 24 per cent reported that using the mobile Internet is "too complicated".