Narendra Modi also made a strong pitch for a 'flexible instructional framework' under which police should establish links with local communities.
"Sensitivity should be a vital element of policing and a flexible institutional framework should be built, which can help imbibe sensitivity towards citizens in the police force," he said addressing the concluding session of the three-day DGPs conference here.
The Prime Minister told nearly 100 top police officers of the country that local communities must be taken into confidence in policing and technology should be used in tackling crimes.
"Police forces should establish links with local communities and one way of doing this is to celebrate the successes and achievements of people in the community," he said.
The Prime Minister said when people visit police stations to celebrate their achievements, they would also develop a greater understanding and respect for the work done by police officers.
In this exercise, people people in a community should identify with police stations, he said. Police in Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Delhi have involved family and community elders in deradicalisation of a few youths who allegedly came under the influence of Middle-East terrorist group ISIS recently.
PM Modi also sought greater interaction between the police forces of neighbouring districts across inter-state borders. "The Prime Minister touched upon subjects such as cyber-security, digital technology and social media, and said police officers should use emerging technologies effectively
in their work," an official statement said.


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