"As far as separatists are concerned, they should put an end to their mindset of creating a separate country in Jammu and Kashmir. Their dream of creating a separate country will never be fulfilled," the BJP national vice-president said.
Naqvi said that the separatist leaders should realize that the government at the Centre has changed and they need to curb their activities.
Calling for an end to cross-border terrorism, he said, "On the one hand there is terrorism and on the other hand there is flower of friendship and peace - both cannot go together."
On being asked about his party's stand on Article 370 of the Constitution, he said, "We have clearly stated in our party manifesto that all those issues will be resolved within the purview of the Constitution."
Naqvi also said that his party will contest the upcoming assembly elections in Jammu and Kashmir on the same slogans of development.

"As far as the main issue is concerned, it would be development and ensuring power to each member at the grassroots level," he said.
On price rise, he said that the central government led by Narendra Modi ‘is sensitive towards the issue’ and ‘they will soon bring an end to price rise’.
"The government is committed to crack down on hoarders and major steps have been taken in this direction. Focus of the government will be to contain price rise and inflation, end unemployment, ensure overall development and bring the economy back on track," he added.


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