Beijing: Two people were killed and 10 others injured after a suspected serial car bomb explosions rocked China's Fuzhou city, purportedly set off by an enraged youth over the demolition of his house.

Two people, including the suspect who was accused of setting off the explosions were killed Fuzhou, Jiangxi Province, state run news agency reported.

However, there were no confirmations from the official media about the car bombs but local officials said several cars were destroyed in the three government buildings that were targeted by the bomber.

The bombs were suspected to have been set off by Qian Mingqi, a 52-year-old unemployed resident of the city of Fuzhou's Linchuan district as he was angry over the demolition of his house, the agency quoted local officials as saying.

According to one official Qian was enraged over the demolition of his house causing suspicion that he might've set off the explosions to take revenge against the local government.

He was not satisfied with his compensation and was angry about a case currently under review by legal authorities, he said.

Qian left a message on his microblog, saying he was forced to "step on a road I don't want to step on" due to the loss of his newly-built house, which was "illegally demolished," according to his blog.

Still there was no explanation how he managed to get hold of the explosives in a tightly controlled country like China. The bombs went off in three different locations in Fuzhou between 9:18 am and 9:45 am and the locations included city's procuratorate, (prosecutor’s) office, the district government office and the district's food and drug administration.

Another blast near the Linchuan district government went off in a car park less than 100 meters from the office building and destroyed at least 10 vehicles. One of the four people who were seriously injured at the same site died in hospital.