According to present political ambience, the forthcoming Monsoon Session commencing from July 21 seems to be posing challenge to the Modi government due to various reasons. On the one hand the Congress has threatened to disrupt the Parliamentary proceedings over Lalit Modi issue, on the other there is no understanding between the treasury benches and the Opposition over bills related to important reforms. Probably, the Central government could also sniff challenges during the Monsoon Session. The government is committed to get GST Bill passed in the Parliament during the Monsoon Session, but it appears to be tedious task. If the bill gets delayed in taking parliamentary approval, the government will have no option but to extend the deadline of GST implementation from April 1, 2016. It's clearly visible that the Congress is gearing up for putting hurdles in the passage of GST Bill in the Parliament. Lalit Modi episode has given the fresh ammunition to the Congress, while the truth is that the issue has no merit to discuss it seriously. It seems that the Congress has promised that it will take up trivial issues in the name of countering the government. The party may get some political mileage but it will bring no benefit to the country and the common people.
The country has many important issues which need to be resolved. The problems will be solved if all political parties ponder over it. The Parliament is the right place to discuss it. If the political parties are really serious about all the problems related to common people, they should ensure that the Parliament does not remain a place for creating pandemonium. Both the ruling party and Opposition are equally responsible for it. The country is awaiting the change which is possible only when both the treasury benches and the Opposition take responsibility of it. The Congress will have to understand that the attitude it adopted after losing power at the Centre is tarnishing its image. The Congress is of the view that if the government takes resignation letters from Sushma Swaraj and Vasundhara Raje, it will support in passing the GST Bill in the Parliament, which clearly indicates that how it has diverted from the Opposition role. What type of bargaining it is? Is it blackmailing? Can the important economic reform like GST be made a tool of political bargaining? Is the Congress ready to ignore that GST implementation may register 1-2 percent growth rate?
The Congress is countering Modi government over Lalit Modi issue which also puts question mark before the main Opposition party. Former IPL chief is an accused of violating FEMA relating to money laundering. The allegations were slapped on Lalit Modi during UPA tenure. Later, Lalit Modi went to London. The Congress-led UPA government neither slapped fine nor issued red corner notice against him. Now, when Lalit Modi is making some old facts public, the Congress is finding alleged wrongdoing in the IPL. It's ridiculous that the Congress is showing double standard on the revelations by Lalit Modi. The Congress is producing some of Lalit Modi revelations as evidences upon which it is seeking resignations of Sushma Swaraj and Vasundhara Raje. But at the same time, it is terming Lalit Modi's allegations against party leaders, especially members of Gandhi family, as bundle of lies. Some TV channels can debate on Lalit Modi issue for hours but the people have no interest in it.
A lot of hue and cry is being made on the Vasundhara Raje family's alleged connection with Lalit Modi. Vasundhara Raje belongs to a royal family and has many forts and palaces. It's also a truth that many palaces in the country have been turned into modern hotels with the passage of time. Dhaulpur palace is one of them. Controversy being erupted in the media over its ownership has no meaning as issues related to assets can only be resolved in the court not on the TV channels. The fact is that no objection was raised over Dhaulpur palace even during the Congress regime at the Centre and in the state. It would have been better had Sushma Swaraj and Vasundhara Raje been refrained from taking any step in favour of Lalit Modi. Because despite they did no wrongdoing legally, they gave an opportunity to the Congress to create political stir.
The Congress can hog the limelight due to its negative attitude but the party itself should ask question that will it reap any political benefit? Will the Congress regain its lost vote bank only through making hue and cry? If the Congress doesn't introspect, it will be more harmful for the party. The second tenure of Congress-led UPA had proved to be unsuccessful and inactive. And, now when Narendra Modi government is making effort to accelerate pace of growth, then the Congress as the main Opposition is putting spoke in the wheel of development. If the BJP blames the Congress for this condition before the public, the former can't be held responsible. If the Congress makes everything as prestige issue, it can't make justice to its role of a constructive Opposition. It must accept defeat in the Lok Sabha elections last year and admit that the people gave Narendra Modi mandate to govern the country. In the democracy, responsibility of every political is to honour mandate. No political party with perversity, ego and negativity can grow. It would be better for the Congress to understand this truth at the earliest.


(An original copy of the article published in Hindi on July 5, 2015 translated by the English editorial. The author is the Group Editor of Dainik Jagran)