"...an independent biomechanical analysis has found the bowling action of West Indies' off-spinner Shane Shillingford to be illegal and, as such, the player has been suspended from bowling in international cricket," the ICC said in a statement.
The analysis revealed that for both his standard off-break delivery and his doosra, the amount of elbow extension in his bowling action exceeded the 15 degrees' level of tolerance permitted under the ICC Regulations.
"He is suspended from bowling in international cricket until such time that he has submitted to a fresh analysis, which concludes that he has remedied his bowling action."
Meanwhile, the independent biomechanical analysis of the Samuels' bowling action concluded that his standard off-break delivery was legal but his quicker deliveries exceeded the 15 degrees' level of tolerance and thus, were considered to be "illegal."
While he is allowed to continue his standard off-break delivery in international cricket, he has been barred from bowling his quicker deliveries.
"Should Samuels be reported again for a suspected illegal bowling action within the next two years, such a report will be deemed to be a second report for the purposes of the ICC Regulations," the ICC stated.
"If the independent biomechanical analysis following the second report concludes that Samuels has an illegal action, whether it is for his quicker deliveries or any other type of delivery, he will be automatically suspended from bowling in international cricket for a minimum period of 12 months," ICC said.


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