Kim ordered the group of women that was hand-picked by authorities loyal to his father and predecessor, Kim Jong-il, to be disbanded shortly after his death in December 2011, according to The Telegraph.

He has now decided, however, to resurrect a source of entertainment that has become a tradition for North Korean leaders.

We are listing here few unknown facts of North Korea's harem

1. With the conclusion of three-year official mourning period after the death of Kim Jong-il, the new North Korean dictator is free to select a new generation of female companions

2. The women who entertained Kim Jong-il  knew many secrets and they have now been ordered to promise not to reveal any information before being sent back to their home towns

3. The women who were employed as entertainers were given pay-offs of USD 4,000 - a huge sum in impoverished North Korea - and home appliances.

4. Women who were employed as maids and cleaners at Kim Jong-il's palaces received about half that amount

5. "Pleasure troupes" were initially introduced by Kim Il-sung, the founder of North Korea and still revered as the nation's Eternal President

6. His officials were sent to scour the countryside for the prettiest young women, who were selected to serve as dancers or singers.

7. Others were employed as maids, but the very prettiest were obliged to become concubines to the elite.

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