Here, we bring you list of the seven most expensive houses in the world:

Buckingham Palace, London, UK
Owner: The British Sovereign
Striking Features: Palace having largest private garden
Current value: Over USD 29 billion

Antilia, Mumbai, India
Owner: Mukesh Ambani
Striking Features: 27-storey building with three helipads
Current value: USD 21.5 billion

Fair Field, Sagaponack, New York
Owner: Ira Rennert
Features: 29 bedrooms, 3 swimming pools and a power plant
Current value: USD 248 million

One Hyde Park, London, UK
Owner: Rinat Akhmetov
Striking Features: Bullet proof glasses with 24x7 hotel-like services
Current value: USD 221 million

Ellison Estate, Woodside, California
Owner: Larry Ellison
Striking Features: Pond, golf course and three workstations
Current value: USD 70 million

Kensington Palace Gardens, London, UK
Owner: Roman Abramovich
Striking Features: 270-acre park and a palace
Current value: USD 140 million

Xanadu 2.0, Seattle, Washington
Owner: Microsoft founder Bill Gates
Striking Features: Earth-sheltered house having dome shaped roof
Current value: USD 120.5 million

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