Here are a few New Year resolutions which are too hard to keep:

1. I will give up chocolates totally: It is like giving up water or giving up food. The way we crave for chocolates is not something not explainable. Who will think of giving up chocolates when there are 'chocolate diets for weight loss'.

2. I will stop using phones while in a conversation: Yeah really? We take phones to bathrooms, kitchens, schools, playgrounds and where not? Phubbing is so common that nobody complains. So if you are planning to give up phubbing, then think about it again.

3. Go to bed early and wake up even earlier: Who goes to bed early on New Year? There you go. The entire resolution is a flawed one.

4. Saving up for long journey: What is the first thing you do with your salary? Party, eat and shop and then repeat until you are broke in a couple of weeks. Saving is real tough job people.

5. Diary writing: Dear diary my life is so happening that I don't even find time to write a diary. Lol! We have been trying hard to do this since school days. But still, every year, we buy a brand new diary and a pen and fill in a few pages and forget. Keep trying fellas.

6. I will definitely shed down calories: This will all seem real until you see a hot melting cheese burst pizza. Hitting gym and sticking to a fitness routine is like day dream. One just keeps on thinking of a slim and fit body and continues thinking forever.

7. I will stop swearing: You need to first eliminate those things in the world that make you swear. Like certain people, exciting things, negative things and all things. How extremely possible is it?

Arya Lakshmi/JPN

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