Mumbai: Ranveer Singh suffers from insomnia as he gets ready to play as many as seven roles in his upcoming film! Ranveer Singh, it seems, doesn't like to play it safe.

After a successful debut last year, the actor has taken on seven performances in his upcoming Ricky Behl Versus The Ladies. No wonder then the young star has been a nervous wreck right from the word go.

Ranveer admits, "Yes, I've had trouble sleeping. During the making, my mind was racing far ahead of my body, trying to get into the hearts and minds of the various characters. The only way I could do such a film was by immersing myself completely into it. Since it involved playing seven characters, each one very different from the other, the experience was like doing seven to eight films at the same time."

Like short films

Further revealing details, he says, "This film unravels in four chapters. Manish Sir briefed the entire team right at the start that we were making not one feature film, but a number of short films.Every department from music to art direction worked towards building a separate world for each of the characters I play. It was up to Manish Sir to thread all these worlds together."

"Manish Sir told me not to push myself too much. I was forbidden from going into extremely contrasting characterisations. If I played all them as completely different characters, there was a grave risk of the various avatars coming across as caricatures."