We share with you some of the popular myths which are denied by many gadget makers and experts.

  • Higher megapixel gives  better picture quality

Count of megapixels don’t give you the best picture quality. Good picture is taken with the combination of aperture, focus and sensors.

  • More signal bars means perfect network connectivity

The connection bars in your phone just describe the distance of your nearest tower from you.

  • Don't leave your smartphones plugged in

Parents keep on complaining about phone charging ?? But there is no problem in this because the modern Lithium batteries stops charging once it is fully charged.

  • Don’t charge your phone and laptops until the battery is totally exhausted

You should never wait for your phone to get exhausted. Doing this you diminish your battery life. You can charge your phone whenever you want.

  • You should not shut down your computer everyday

It is very important to shut down your computer daily because it helps in reducing stress on the components of the computer

  • You should not use different charger to charge your phone

It is untrue. Don’t treat your phones like a bubble wrapped babies. You can use any charger to charge you phone.

  • Mac can never have a virus attack

When Mac launched its computer range they flaunted that it can never have a virus attack but in 2012 many Mac computers had virus invasions.