The one month long cry: Though it's common for the bride to cry on her  wedding day, she cries one hour daily till one month in China. Surprisingly, mother joins the 'ordeal' after 10 days so does her grandmother till last 10 days. By the end of the month, all the female members in the family along with the bride cry. It is deemed as an expression of joy as the women weep in different tones, which make a melody.

Beware! You won't be allowed to pee: The newly married couples of Tribes of Tidong Community in Northern Borneo are kept confined to their houses. They aren't allowed to urinate for three days.

Wanna marry? Arrange for a whale tooth: In Fiji, the men ask their fathers-in-law not only for his daughters' hand but also whale teeth. For this, you have to either change the laws and reach the black market to buy whale teeth.

Two kids here is a must: In Southern Sudan, people of the Neur Tribes believe that the marriage is considered as incomplete until the bride doesn't give to two children. If she doesn't fulfil criteria, the groom may seek a divorce.

You may kiss the bride and groom: In Sweden, whenever either bride or groom leaves his/her table to use the bathroom, the other gets kissed. If the groom has to go then every male at the reception will get a chance to kiss the bride and vice-versa.

Parents are allowed to advise in bedroom: An elderly woman accompanies the newly wed couple to bedroom on the first night of their marriage in some villages of Africa. The elderly woman can be the bride's own mother.

A smile can cost your marriage: In the Congo, the marriages are taken seriously as the bride and groom are not allowed to smile throughout the entire ceremony.

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