According to a research, conducted by the ‘Make Mine Milk’ campaign, which highlights the nutritional benefits of milk, and leading charity Beat Bullying, the top five bad breakfasts are: Fry-ups, crisps, chocolate bars-sweets, cakes-biscuits and energy drinks, reports a website.

Here are seven healthy breakfast ideas:

-On Monday, you can add your favourite fruit in a cup of semi-skimmed milk and blend it. This will make a delicious smoothie.

-You can start your Tuesday with a bowl of porridge made with milk.

-A bowl full of fruit with a glass of low fat milk should be ideal for Wednesday.

-On Thursday, you can have a granola bar with a glass full of milk, which will keep you full till lunch.

-Get your favourite cereal and have it with semi-skimmed milk on Friday morning.

-A bowl of muesli with milk will be a good start to the weekend on Saturday.

-Make your Sunday morning special with scrambled eggs served on toast.


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