The plant, which is based on a Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) patented bio-digester technology, was installed on Tuesday within the premises of a new DRDO residential complex here. It has been designed by Arkin Creation, a company which provides eco-friendly waste management solutions.

"The plant can cater up to 900 residents, and we are looking at 1.25 lakh litres of water daily. The system employs eco-friendly and energy efficient bio remediation process for treatment of municipal sewage and water recovery," Madan Jha, Managing Director, Arkin Creation, said.

The sewage is treated through a bio digester followed by a reed bed, which removes the pollutants through plant roots, and is finally polished through aeration and a fish tank.

"The treated water is suitable for agriculture, flushing and gardening, saving the fast depleting resource," Jha explained.

The energy independent plant, which uses bio-gas, a bio-product to operate requires no special maintenance.

"But we do recommend the usage of cleansing products like acid as it is not good for the bacteria. Residents can instead opt for cheaper alternatives like vinegar and baking soda," said Jha.

Lokendra Singh, a DRDO scientist, said that the technology was developed keeping the mind the plight of manual scavengers along with the treatment of sewage.

"The technology, without needing much maintenance, works across terrains in the country," Singh said.

The water crisis faced by India was highlighted by a report published by the UNICEF and Food and Agriculture Organization which said that India has about 16 percent of the world's population as compared to only four percent of its water resources.

"The lack of water availability and poor management practices have also manifested in poor sanitation facilities, one among the biggest environmental and social challenges India faces today," the 2013 report said.


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