Film: Shaadi Ke Side Effects

Director: Saket Chowdhary

Cast: Farhan Akhtar, Vidya Balan,  Ram Kapoor, Vir Das

Story Line: The film’s main protagonists Trisha (Vidya) and Siddharth (Farhan) move beyond dating days and tie the nuptial knot. Everything goes fine in their married life until Trisha wishes to get pregnant. Though her loving husband doesn’t want a baby before he gets settled but he becomes a proud father of a baby girl. Their relationship begins to take a backseat as the child comes into the picture.

While Trisha becomes a full-time mother, Siddharth has to put his musical career to rest and starts singing lullabies for his little girl. ‘Pillow talk’ turns to ‘potty talk’ and the warmth of their relationship starts to get vanished. Siddharth, who begins to miss his earlier life, seeks advice from his brother-in-law played by Ram Kapoor.

How Siddharth sails through the problems with his brother-in-law’s advice forms the rest of the plot. This movie will definitely strike a chord with all the married men.

Movie review: Shaadi Ke Side Effects is so humorous and real that you will relate to the plot very easily. And if you are not married, it may appear that this is something you will experience post marriage. Director Saket Chaudhary handles the situations of a married life with great finesse. He connects the sequel to its prequel in a very smooth way.

Known for giving extraordinary performances in each film that he does, Farhan comes as a surprise package who will tickle your funny bones with his flat faced jokes and witty one liner. Vidya is brilliant as always and hits a high note in the emotional scenes.

Ram Kapoor and Vir Das are also impressive in their characters. No matter you are married or single, this realistic movie will entertain you to the core.

Courtesy: inextlive/JPN

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