New Delhi: Shah Panel report may threaten the fate of MNREGA if their recommendations are accepted by the Centre. MNREGA which is the UPA government’s flagship scheme aimed at providing the sources of livelihood to the unprivileged people in the rural parts of the country, can be turned into a new Krishi Vikas Yojana (Agricultural Growth Scheme). The government has termed the recommendations of the Shah panel as the new Avatar of MNREGA.

To implement all the recommendations of the report in its original form, it will be required for the government to amend the Constitution.

Many social activists have expressed that the Commission’s report goes against the basic principal of generating the sources of livelihood for the poor people in the rural areas.

The recommendations are mainly focused on agricultural growth and increasing productivity in agriculture sector.

If recommendations of the panel are enforced, the labourers engaged under MNREGA in northern and eastern parts of the country could be asked to work in the paddy fields of medium and small farmers whereas in the coastal areas of southern and western India, they could be engaged in making shades for drying fishes in sunlight. 

Only five people of a village Panchayat will be largely benefited by the new provisions. These people will be chosen by Gram Pradhan and Sarpanch.

The recommendations for disabled labourers are impractical in nature which cannot be applied in practice.

In the name of widening the range of enlisted works, most of agricultural activities have been brought under its ambit. If the MNREGA is amended, it will become farmer-oriented instead of its present form which has its orientation towards poor and unemployed people in rural areas.