Mumbai (Agencies): Shah Rukh Khan showed up to Ekta Kapoor's Global Indian Film and TV Honors event on Saturday, if only for his closeness to the TV czarina and her mom.

At his wife's insistence, King Khan even did a segment instead of the longer act he was to do. Says an insider, "All of last week, SRK has been shooting for Farhan Akhtar's Don 2 and Zor Ka Jhatka.

On Wednesday, he fell off a cable while shooting heavy-duty action scenes for Don 2 and hurt his back and injured his elbow.

But being the professional he is, he completed all his shoots and went home. The only commitment left was the spoof segment he was to do for Ekta's awards show.

But by Thursday, it was obvious that Shah Rukh was in pain and that it would be impossible for him to perform."

A panic-stricken Ekta quickly rushed to meet SRK when he was shooting for the show. "A visibly upset King Khan told Kapoor that he wouldn't be able to perform. Seeing him in that state, she didn't have the heart to persuade him otherwise."

Shah Rukh normally never cancels his performances. "He even told Ekta that he has never done this in his life. When he commits to an event he makes sure he does it, come what may.

Meanwhile, news of the no-show got B-Town abuzz with speculation that SRK was backing out due to differences with Ekta. Few know how close he is to the Kapoors."

Wife Gauri also insisted him not to let Ekta down "So, Khan came for the event, bandaged hand and all, and did five special moments with actresses Kajol, Sridevi, Sonali Bendre and Vidya Balan.
Not just that, he even presented an award given to Ajay Devgn (the actor was absent; wife Kajol picked it up). He later left for Malaysia for Don 2's shoot."

Ekta says, "Shah Rukh is a sweetheart. He couldn't perform as he was in pain but he came and helped us out with a segment that he ideated himself an interactive session of five interesting moments with the audience and heroines. SRK is not just a superstar but a super human being!"