"I like to be with those who give me love. I feel good when I am among them. For me fans are like friends...they are my best friends. They love me unconditionally no matter what I do...friends like this," the star told reporters here.
The 'Chennai Express' star although doesn't like his fans using abusive language. "I tell fans on social media not to use bad...abusive language. If you want to say anything, talk on face and not behind. I don't like when they talk about my kids...family. they are not fans," he added.
The King Khan had a quiet birthday celebration with family last night. "We are single family ...then there are 10-12 people we did cut a cake ...it was a white cake. Tomorrow I have to go for shooting so I would not party. I told my friends not to come today. I would finish work first then fun," the Baazigar' star said.
"My children had come here for my birthday. They did not gift me anything, they say I have everything so all they gave me is a hug and kiss," he said.
SRK would be flying to Goa to complete the shooting of his most talked about film 'Dilwale'. "It's my 50th birthday ...its half century. I think 18, 21, 40, 50, 75 are landmark dates. My resolution is to keep smiling," Shah Rukh said.
"There was a phase when my parents had left me ...then came the phase of my kids Aryan, Suhana, Abram in my life. Work wise I feel I have just started 25-30 days back, I don't feel it's 25 years," he said.


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