Karachi: Pakistan's flamboyant and popular cricketer Shahid Afridi attacked a fan at the airport soon after his arrival from Dhaka after winning the Asia Cup title.

News channels flashed footages of an angry Afridi attacking a fan and pushing him to the ground.

According a report the fan who was badly roughed up had pestered Afridi for an autograph.

But another report said that the Pakistani all-rounder lost his temper as his little daughter who was with him was pushed around by the fans clamoring to get the autograph from him.

Afridi dressed in a pinkish T-shirt also tried to kick the fan before his brother Mushtaq got in the way and prevented the situation from getting out of hand.

Afridi was also seen scolding another fan and threatening to slap him before he got into the waiting car.

A large number of cricket fans had gathered to welcome their Pakistani team after winning the Asia Cup title.

"Whatever the reason for him losing his temper but Afridi's actions cannot be justified at all," one channel said.