Mumbai: Shahid Kapoor seems to have found a new friend in Chitrangada Singh. The two were seen bonding big time at the recent Colors Screen Awards.

It was also at Sasha's suggestion that the actress was roped in to co-host a segment of the event with him.
Shahid, who also performed at the awards, was initially to anchor with Anushka Sharma.

However at the last minute, she was unable to do so. This was when Chitrangada stepped in, thanks to the actor's recommendation.

During the anchoring the duo's chemistry was to be seen. They were extremely comfortable with each other. "It appears that Shahid has hit it off well with Chitrangada. They behaved like buddies. His growing friendship with the actress did attract attention at the venue," says an onlooker.

Interestingly, Shahid's ex flame Priyanka Chopra also performed at the awards. But great care had been taken to avoid bumping into each other. Their vanity vans, too, were parked far away from each other to avoid any run in.

A few months back there was buzz about Sasha's friendship with Bipasha Basu but that turned out to be a short-lived relation.