Mumbai: Shahid Kapoor’s dance tribute to the King Of Pop Michael Jackson at Times Square had to be cancelled due to Hurricane Irene.

While the actor's loss is certainly no way close to the havoc and destruction caused by nature's fury in America, it has come in the way of probably his biggest live performance.

Shahid was supposed to pay tribute to his favourite singer, the late Michael Jackson, at Times Square, New York, yesterday. Of course, it had to be cancelled due to the hurricane.

Plans go haywire

Says a source, "The producers of Mausam had gone to great pains to get the required permission for the actor's performance at Times Square. Flash mobs comprising of world-class male and female dancers, who were going to perform with Shahid, had been practicing for weeks. The entire event was kept under wraps in India. The whole idea was to let loose his dancing prowess at the world's most avidly eyeballed recreational venue."

Now a new date for this event, which promises to be one of the most unique Bollywood concerts in history of Times Square, is being planned.

Mausam co-producer Sheetal Talwar confirms, "We were all set to have Shahid's performance on August 29, but now another date is being worked out."