Mumbai: First they were co-stars, then they claimed they were ‘only friends’, then they broke up and now they have completed a full circle and are back as colleagues again.

Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra are promoting their movie which is a love story narrated in three different time spans – 1910 Lahore, 1960 Mumbai and 2012 London.  This film marks the second time the two have been paired together after Kaminey.

The film stars Shahid Kapoor in the lead opposite Priyanka and has been directed by Kunal Kohli. "The story starts in 1960 Bombay with Govind and Ruksar, then moves ahead to present times, 2012 England with Radha and Krish and then goes back in time to Punjab, 1910 with Aradhana and Javed," said Priyanka.

"The movie will be a memorable one. The story takes us through a journey of eternal love between a couple who have vowed to love each other not only in this life but in every life to follow. Their love is so strong that even destiny wants to bring them together," Priyanka said.

Interestingly, when it was pointed out to the director Kunal Kohli that his storyline resembled the Taiwanese film Three Times, he was quick to blame it on coincidence. He said, “There is no similarity. And if I wanted to remake it, I’d have just bought the rights and made the film.”

And added further to make a point, “When I made Hum Tum there was a Hollywood film called Before Sunset that released six months later.

According to director Kunal, the film "is all about love... thrice upon a love story... soul mates.... The journey of love is something that has always fascinated me and all of us."
"The banter between the couple, the chemistry, the first look, the pain and anguish of separation, the fun of the meetings, the dreaminess of love songs, the thrill the hero gets while flirting with that one person who suddenly is the most important person. The joy, fun, tears and entertainment of our Hindi Cinema is at its peak in our love stories, he said.
"This is exactly the journey that I went through while writing Teri Meri Kahaani and this is exactly the journey I want to take you through," said Kunal.


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